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Von Vegas

# BV3002-7   (F-3)     Female

Born: 5-14-17

  • Conformation: 10+
  • (over the top)
  • Adult weight: 120
  • Temperament: 10
  • Intelligence: 9
  • stubborn
  • Trainability:9
  • stubborn
  • Prey Drive: none
  • Scores as of: 6-1-17

Yukon x Anastasia

Tied: 9-10-19
should whelp 11-10-19
Just in case: Quentin tied 9-16-19

About This Litter: (F-2)

Yukon Sire: Doubling up on both of these guys sire, BOSS...
See pedigree below
Ears: Up.. maybe one pup will have a wonky ear?
Eyes: light browns lightning up as they mature.
Conformation: spot on
Coat colors:Lots of white paws and sables. Some silver grays, some with the yellow and red genes. Some Reds/Liver No blacks.
Coat; Thick, med length
Mask: White masks, no mask and black masks
Weight at maturity:130 - 170
Height: varies, some tall, some not so tall as far as our dogs go. Tall enough for all of you guys.

Temperaments: We have some old Am Alsatian lines here with Vegas the Velcro bitch.. One or two will be spot on AA, the rest will take on the temperments of the Alaskan Mal only better..Alwasy better than the parents.
Those on the Malamute side: will do more of what you ask than the mal ever would. Very intellegent at birth and as puppy but as they mature they will get more independent. One might roam to the neighbors out of curiosity and then go a bit further.. More stuborn than the AA but not so bad as you can not intice them with food.Should get one pup with more Mal than the others. Just read the notes.
Those on the Irish Wolfhound side: There will be a couple that take on both the Irish Wolfhound and the Malamute side more than the Am Alsatian side.. maybe 2 out of 10. Maybe a few whiskers but probably not?  As they mature their coats will grow longer than the others. Sensitive, kind, loving with a stubborn streak. Those with the Double Boss...
Those on the AA side: I will be keeping of course. These are only F-2's off Elwin the Giant Malamute. We have 5 AA's out of 14 dogs..  3 Giant malamutes strong (200 years). And one IW (strong but i watered them down some). So you see we shall be getting a complete Mix.. Health wise, great !

Any pup with slanted eyes, i will keep........... the head stop and muzzle + girth is what i am looking for. Barkers/Talkers i can NOT stand. but if it has slanted eyes, i would have to keep it. Maybe co own. I do NOT want talkers or barkers.

All pups will be more hyper, kind, over loving than most AA's.. I like STANDOFFISH..Roll the dice? Maybe the AA will dominate the entire litter?

Quentin sire: I went ahead and used Quentin for 2 reasons. 1.) incase Yukon throws blanks. 2.) to give Quentin experience with a matron bitch. The tie was short. I dont know if Quentin really liked this or not. Anna wanted to bite him out of her so i went in to hold her but they untied before i got to her. The tie only lasted about 3 min.
Ears:  Down and semi up, wonky stupid
Eyes: brownish
Conformation: spot on
Coat colors: Apricote, Fawn, Brindles
Coat; shortish and thick with longer guard hairs on the shoulders. No leg furnishings.
Mask: All Black masks with black skin and black points.
Weight at maturity:150-180
Height: 30"
Temperaments: A bit reserved. friendly to friends. shy with strangers until grown. Not overly friendly.
Those on the Malamute side: Too friendly and stuborn. The Mal genes should not be many.
Those on the Irish Wolfhound side: shyish, uncertain. These ones will need to gain more confidence in training.
Those on the AA side: Perfect.

I do not believe we shall get any Quentin pups, if we do, then one. If we get all Quentin pups then Yukon was not capable of having pups.


interested:  Kristen Jackson

Notes, Scores, & Prices

Scores and Prices will fluctuate during the evaluation period

I have given you some EXAMPLES of what i am looking for

Pups Photos

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Health Notes


Puppy Name

Girthiest pup in litter
Probably keep?
no slanted eyes in this litter: keep
curled tail: keep
white face: keep
maybe co own?

Puppy Name

Most slanted eyes
talker: co own
curled tail: co own

Puppy Name

Darkest pup in litter
Probably keep?
curled tail and skinny 3,000.00

Puppy Name

220.000 slightly curled tail?
small w/slanted eyes: keep
white face w/slanted eyes; keep

Puppy Name

curled tail?

Puppy Name

Curled tail white face?

Puppy Name

Most white with curled tail?

Puppy Name

Best looking female girth
curled tail 2500.00?
white face 3,000.00?
slanted eyes: keep

Puppy Name

Whitest female
talker 1500.00?
or less
slanted eyes: keep

Puppy Name

Second best female
no curl

Puppy Name

2000.00 curled tail?
slanted eyes: keep

Puppy Name

skinny female
slanted eyes: keep
small: keep
no slanted eyes and curled tail 1800.00?

Pedigree Chart


Boss (F-1) Hammer
Blossom (AA)
Giant Malamute
Giant Malamute
Giant Malamute


Boss (F-1) Hammer IWmix
Blossom (AA)

Vegas (AA)

Stormy (AA)
Nadine (AA)

Notes on Anastasia:

6-1-17: This pup was my first pick when they all were only 1 day old.  Even though she was stubborn and bossy and determined, i loved her right away. She made me laugh at her as she was so stubborn and bold and large. haha, too bad missy!

I kissed her, blew in her face and bothered her until she doesnt care about anything any more. lol.. She wanted to be left the heck alone, haha..  Wanted to get to that milk, wanted to get more FOOD and then sleep and she wanted comfort of the pile. She of course had to be on top. A bold dominate female. Not afraid of anything. She believes she is the queen of life itself. *shakes head. she still makes me laugh.

With this pup, i will need to 'reach' her.. inside her head, to explain to her that there is something going on here and it is called communication. When she gets it  and she will, she will be the 'bomb'... 

Great head, great ear set, great girth, great neck, great rear. Strong female.

June 23 2017:  A MATURE pup, too smart for most folks. She is a tad bit dominate but that is just because she knows who she is. She is a thinker.  Not too standoffish. Waits to see what is going on , for the most part. Does get excited to see me. is not afraid of much. A bit stubborn. A perfect Am Alsatian Bitch.  Could be top dog in a kennel when mature.



9-10-19: Bred with Yukon out of Elwin/Boss
9-16-19: Bred with Quentin out of Saigon


Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10
   Barking: 10
   Prey drive: 10
   Chewing: 10
   Aggression towards humans: 10
   Aggression towards other dogs: 10
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): what ever you want
   Touch sensitivity: 9
   Sound sensitivity: 10
  Conformation: 10
   Eyes: 10
   Ears: 9
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 10
   Tail: 8
   Feet: 8
   Neck: 9
   Topline: 10
   Gait: 10


Pedigree Chart


For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

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