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Autism Assistance Dogs

Autism Assistance Dogs


   I breed 'COMPANION DOGS'   


Now, many folks have bought my dogs and have trained them for a multitude of Services and i can help you chose a dog from my kennels that would fit into what you want the most.

The reason people choose my dogs is because i breed for 'velcro'ness'. What that means is that my dogs do not like to wander.

    My dogs are also aloof to strangers and this helps as my dogs will not run up to strangers being 'overly friendly'.

    I also breed calm, laid back dogs. Dogs that think.

This may sound silly, but a thinking dog 'pays attention' to the owner, the sounds and the body language and they are aware of the moods in the air.

They are 'sensitive' and therefore are NOT trained like a normal everyday pet dog. 

You can not train an emotional sensitive dog as you would most dog breeds.

   I have seen what happens to my dogs when they are put into a backyard and treated as a 'pet' dog. The dog can NOT communicate and it wants to and this makes for a crazy dog at times. It yearns for the owners to 'listen' and to read him/her. Every one of my dogs pays attention to the owner and if it is not understood, the dog may be come very frustrated.

   Our dogs are like Autistic children and you must 'pay attention' to the pup and respond correctly. To teach our dogs, you must be sure the dog/pup is 'getting it'.

   You have to slow down, talk one word, say one thing, move one way for each thing you want and you MUST reward the dog or pup when it 'gets it'. This allows the pup to know he is right. If you do not know you are right, then you are confused.

   Training should be based on rewarding or playing with the dog every time they work. Consistent practicing of short sessions, patience, and praise are necessary for the dog to succeed.  My dogs are not intense on their work.   They are not overly anxious to push on. My dogs enjoy life, the simple life.

   My dogs are not trained to be guard dogs. They do not bark for the most part. Oh they will bark if something out of the ordinary' goes on, or a weird stranger comes up to the house, but normally you will not hear them at all. If you want them to bark, you need to encourage and reward such.

   They are also NOT friendly but more on the aloof side. They are stable, strong, healthy dogs that help people with different challenges and provide companionship only. They do not fear loud noises nor thunderstorms. 

   Most of my dogs do NOT play fetch, nor do they care to. (that is a WORKING DOG).

You might be able to get them interested as a pup if you reward them with chicken franks?  But i doubt if they will fetch for you more than 3 times. Some lines may fetch more than this. If you want a dog to fetch things for you, get the Mastiff lines or the Lab lines.

If this is the kind of dog you need, then continue reading through my web site.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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