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Hammer's Big Daddy 'Boss' von Blossom

# HB2002-2    (F-2)     Male
Whelped: October 13, 2015

  • Conformation: 8 (thin)
  • giant bone structure
  • alot of space between plates.
  • Plates closing tightly 8-2-16 better movement now.
  • Thin like the Hammer
  • Temperament: 10
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Trainability:8
  • Prey Drive:10 (none)
Weight :  150 lbs
Color on 8-2-16 Silver Wolf Gray
w/Malamute/Saint type head


10-13-2015 BIRTH NOTES: The Boss has a boss type attitude. I suspect he will be the dominate pup in the litter (nope i was wrong, not dominate at all).

Very strong (nope, giant bone loose body as a pup),  His body came together at around a year old. Moves fluid now.
large head. otter tail. correct conformation of the breed (Nope, too much Giant in him).

He was born the last pup, until his sister showed up 5 hours later. lol

Color: brindle will turn sable with the brown, yellow genes which show some goldish and silver tan markings. very long pup.

This pup will be a giant and carries giant genes.

4-28-17:  sensitive in training. Doesnt like to be trained. Loves to be with you forever. Loves the good life. does chew things, but will stop forever if you tell him to not chew on something as he is sensitive and doesnt want to be scolded. Wants to please so much that he gets upset when he doesnt know what you want. You must be  CLEAR  and precise with  communicating and body language. You must read the book and watch your dogs body if you get a pup out of this boy.

Bred to the right bitches, you will get DIRE WOLVES

11-8-15  This pup is the "other" gray pup. The one with out the black stockings. The Other gray pup is a female.

The Boss is not so bossy, as a matter of fact the boys of this litter are not bossy at all. The Girls have taken the lead role and have left the boys to 'think about it'

All pups but 'cocker face' are Giants, very large and thus slower. Big bones. The Boss is a very sweet boy, not in charge, but not the one behind either. One pup is growling and is a bit food aggressive at this age, but I do not think this is him. I do believe it is the 'other' gray pup. lol  The Boss is a lover, kind and maybe just thinking about it...

7/31/16:   Very Rainier like. Slow to think. Easy dog. growing 6 lbs per week in his growth spurt. This pup waits until all others have had their loving then comes to get his. He does NOT like confrontation at all. He is weak in body muscle movement as he is a Giant... His plates are too far apart, as are giants plates and this means he could be over stressed in excersize and new owners may harm such pups. I of course did not over excersize him, nor did i run him etc. At this date he is still only walked and i lay him down a lot, though he doesnt mind anything i do to him. He likes going for walks but i only take him next door or into the house. I have NOT trained him at all except not to pull on the leash. All my dogs walk freely and are only checked when they do not listen or pay attention to me. 'check' is a jerk and release. He wears only a choke chain and has never been ordered to 'heel'.  He stays close and comes when called.  He is a picky eater because the 'girls' are too pushy and he will wait until everyone is done.  He is a soft dog.

Notes on 10-26-16

The Boss is a very loving and kind, slow, mellow dog. Not dominate at all. Waits to eat. Is not pushy. Wants to do what ever i want him to do. Is willing to do for me. Will walk a block and back. May want to go further but i will not allow this. He is a giant and as a responsible owner, i must be aware of his delecate body structure and growth. Giant dogs must NOT be allowed to be like normal pups as they are NOT... If you get a Giant' i will not be responsible for any mishap with their health. It is way too easy to harm a Giant as they grow 6 lbs per week or more!  I do NOT intend to breed or raise GIANTS. I am keeping and breeding the Boss because we need to beget larger bones and heads. He will NOT throw Giants unless  he is bred to one. He will have very large puppies. His pups will be mellow, kind and loving.

Weight 150 lbs
7-20-17:  great personality, lovability. No interest in chasing chickens, scared of them. ok with cats. Loves all people. Stud dog now. Still good temperament. Typical stud, whynnie when bitch is in season. Can not keep him from getting to the bitch.


1-2-16 da2p+pV (distemper,adenovirus2,parainfluenza,parvo modified live ser UY-300-063A Exp19May16
1-11-16 nemex2

2-24-17 nemex 2 
2-24-17 dhapv

4-1-17 Panacure 3 day 
5-1-17 albon cocci

will be wormed again before transported.

Sire (tied) with:  Vegas, Shenanagan, saigon, pearl, minerva, elwin

7-6-18: Continues great health. Tried to put weight on him but he is of the thin body structure. gave up, lol

Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10+
   Barking: 10
   Prey drive: 10
   Chewing: 8
chews and swallows stuff!
Adult: doesnt chew anything
   Aggression towards humans:

10+ (never)

   Aggression towards other dogs:

10+ (never)

   Aggression towards smaller animals:

10+ (never)

   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 10+
   Touch sensitivity: 10+
   Sound sensitivity: 10+
  Conformation: 7
too thin
   Eyes: 9

not errect

   Nose:  10+
   Skull: 10+
   Tail: 10+






   Gait: 8


Pedigree Chart

Dark silver sable

Woodrow Wilson
(Irish Wolfhound x Malamute)
Dark silver sable
Greyhawk's Mt. Rainier
(AKC Giant Malamute)
Black sable/white
(AKC Irish Wolfhound)
Black when born
silver at  2
Nadine ROM
Black silver sable
slv/gry 26" 105lbs
Black silver sable
Cherry Blossom
Dark tri sable
GreyHawk's Mt. Rainier
(AKC Giant Malamute)
Black sable/white
Wakon's Snow Cedar
(Giant Malamute)
Wakon's Meadow
(Giant Malamute)
Autumn Years
Gold sable tan
Ch. Zorro
Goldn sable tan


For an more indepth look at Boss' pedigree, see his entry in the pedigree database

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