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Dire Wolf Project and American Alsatian are Trade Marked and you may NOT use these names or images without an agreement to do so by the founder Lois Schwarz.

Dire Wolf Project Bumper Stickers

4.99 ea  or 2 for 8.00
Dire Wolf Project Coffe Mug


Dire Wolf Project Key Holder


Mouse Pad

9.00 ea  or 2 for 16.00

updated year


Am Alsatian Pen


Tote Bags


Hand Painted Porcelain

By Lois Schwarz

Email me clean clear photos and we shall decide what is best for which piece I have on the shelf.

We shall pick a piece of china which will fit into your financial budget.

Water Color Photo of the Dire Wolf 

By Lois Schwarz

Water Color Original 

by Lois Schwarz 

Your pup or dog. Any size. Email me a photo and deminsions you need for your wall.

Make Checks out to :

Lois Schwarz
Schwarz Kennels

4175 Winnetka rd
white city OR. 97503

(Please add 8.00 for shipping out of state)

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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