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Buying a Dire Wolf


The Dire Wolf Program

Dire Wolves do NOT EXSIST!    They went Extinct!   They are no longer on the face of the Earth as they once were. They EVOLVED.. 

   The Dire Wolf Program RECREATES the exact bone measurements of the Dire Wolves per the Bones found in the La Brea Tar Pits.

    You can not buy a Dire Wolf but you can get very close to having one if you buy a pup from the Schwarz Kennels in White City, Oregon. They breed to the exact measurements of the dire wolf bones.

What does a Dire Wolf look like ?

   No one knows what a dire wolf looks like. There is no DNA to tell us what color the Dire Wolf is, nor how soft or wirey the coat was. 
   So, most folks on this planet in this day and age, associate the only thing they know of to the dire wolf and that is the wolves of today. If you have fallen into that trap, Stop it...  

    The Dire Wolf is more closely related to DINASOURS.. not our wolves of today.

    Lois Schwarz has been Breeding, Training, Grooming, Showing and studying all animals for over 50 years. She has studied Biology and Evolution of animals since childhood. Lois understands Gods breeding plan and how it works to survive life and the earths elements. The time of the earth in the Dire wolf age, the flowers, folage, weeds, rocks, dirt, and all the other animals in that time, were NOT like it is today. Birds were plentiful and filled the skies so thick that they would block out the sun. Grass so tall, Trees so giant, mud, humidity, quicksand, you name it. Animals back then needed to be camaflaged and to fit into their enviroment in order to survive.

    Do you think a soft coat or a harsh coat would have worked?  
    Do you think a soft dog or a hard dog would have survived?
    Do you think a white colored dog would be hidden in the forest?  or a black dog in the snow?

   Come on, this is not rocket science. Long coats would be caught on trees and shrubs and short coats would not protect from harsh weather. 

    What Lois has done is to put everything together to come up with the CORRECT Dire Wolf look, not what the average person today might think a Dire Wolf would look like.
    Study the facts and you will find that Lois Schwarz is RIGHT ON !

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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