The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

How to Buy a Pup from Schwarz Kennels

Buying a puppy from us is as easy as 1...2...3...4

1. Introduce yourself by filling out
THE Puppy APPLICATION. (click here)
This is not a contract to buy a pup, it is only a form that allows me to get to know you better.

2. GET ON THE WAITING LIST: SnailMail  'paybill (from your computer bank) (or PayPal) a $600.00 check or money order to:  

Lois Schwarz
4175 Winnetka Rd.
White City, Oregon 97503.

Please include a note as to what the check is for.

That non refundable DEPOSIT (600.00) gets you added to the waiting list.

3. WAIT for your name to appear in BOLD letters for your pick of pups. When your name is in BOLD letters it is your turn to choose a puppy.

If i do not hear from you, you will be passed up.

If you did not join the American Alsatians Owners Facebook group earlier, I STRONGLY suggest you do so NOW.

4. Friend me on Facebook to request an invitation.

FaceBook is THE ONLY PLACE where you will be notified of the dam's pregnancy, and asked to contact me if you wish a puppy from her litter.  

I WILL NOT CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY.  If you want a pup, come and get one. Put forth the effort and get-ur-done. 

Common Questions


I would say, 6 months, maybe more?     You will have to get in line and wait.    

I do keep as many females as I can to be sure you all have a pup, but sometimes God has other ideas.      :>)

USDA new rules for breeders means i can NOT ship your fully paid for pup to you across state lines unless
1. you have seen your pup personally
2. you have had an agent or friend see your pup and have oked the pup for you

an agent may be a friend or my veterinarian. "Crater Animal Clinic" Vilas Road, Central Point , Oregon


Our puppies are eating a mix of kibbles Red Flannel Puppy, ONE chicken and rice; IAMS puppy; Puppy Chow, Exclusive puppy, Exclusive large breed. Natures Best Chicken, Diamond Puppy.

A sample of it will accompany your puppy!


The cost of one of my pups will vary with Supply and Demand. 

Further explanation:  If we have lots of pups, the price will go down.  If i have 100 folks on the waiting list and not enough dogs the price goes up.

If the pup is too hyper, barks too much or is a pain in my butt, the price will drop drastically!  Other reasons the price will drop: Looks like a gsd; Looks like a malamute; Looks like an Irish wolfhound; Looks like a Shihtzu (it will be free). Is Black and Tan; has a long curled tail; is cross eyed (free); is too skinny, is too tall; has small feet; has blue eyes; 

This is a very touchy subject and I want you to understand how I price my dogs and who I am so that you will know if you want to buy a pup from me.

  I want you to know who I am because maybe you won't like me and won't want to support me and my dogs.
When you buy something from me, you are supporting my cause, my Ideas and my dogs. So If you don't like my cause, my Ideas or me... don't buy a pup from me.

Does the $600 deposit for a pup count towards the total due?



What is the range of the total price for a pup?  

Do not quote me on this:
1800.00 - 3,000.00
is normal
1200.00 for a misfit? One that barks or talks too much? One that bites at the fence? A pink one?
600.00 if you are here on the property and i am sore, muscles ache and am tired and... the puppy is chewing the fence to get to me.
2,300.00 if the pup looks like a gsd or malamute and is of AA temperament and i have a lot of pups.
2,000.00 if the pup is skinny and i have 20 puppies.
10,000.00 if i only have one pup left and it looks like a dire wolf.
3,000.00 if they are great pups and i only have one litter with 80 folks in line.
6,000.00 if it is an all black or an all white pup with yellow eyes and up ears and AA temperament.
Free, if no one wants my puppies and i happen to have a pup i don't want to keep.

How I 'think' about selling my puppies

There are thousands of breeders and puppies all over the internet for you to purchase. I will be the first to encourage you to go somewhere else.

If you have any doubt about one of my pups, please don't buy a pup from me.

I want this to come from your heart and I only want folks to buy my pups who REALLY want one of my pups.

I am also kind of picky as to who I sell my pups to, after all they are MY PUPS.

I am TOTALLY into GOD first and I WALK with God and talk with God. He is the reason these dogs are here in the first place and his children are the second reason.

I believe in the Creation of life in that this all came about from God, and I also believe in EVOLUTION.

So if God and family didn't bring you here, or you don't like my miss spelled words, or you can't cope with an ol' lady who may not be perfect, then don't buy one of my dogs.

Now, with that said, let's move on...

The price of one of my pups:

I have put my life into this breed. I have sacrificed more than any of you will ever know and I am not rich because all I have has gone into my work. Your hard earned money will go right back into these dogs. I don't wear diamonds and pearls. I don't live in a big house and I keep my 'stuff' and don't throw anything away.

When I have a litter of pups I am going to keep one or two or maybe even three (depending on the quality of the pup) for breeding back into my lines.  I am breeding for me and the Breed first.   Next I am breeding for YOU. I know what you guys want and I have the dog. That is what I do. So believe me when I say, I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, and I have the pup/dog you will be ecstatic about. I have been reading folks (just like I do animals) for a very, very long time.

My pups will cost you a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. I wont argue this with you. You will NOT get your deposit back. Its gone. I spent it on dog food.

My pups sell for between 1 thousand and 3 thousand dollars each and the closer i get to the dire wolf bones, the higher the price will go.  (as of 9-11-17 we are up to 7 thousand for a DIRE WOLF PUP.) I have had and do have dogs that i have put a 10 thousand dollar price tag on.     Why such a large price change?   (At that price, i clearly do NOT want to sell that particular pup.)  SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If I don't have any pups, the price will sky rocket.

I put a pup in my hands and ask myself how much would I be willing to take for this pup. If I don't want to sell the pup, the price goes up. If the pup is a tad noisy, or too hyper for me, the price will go down to maybe..... 800.00?. I did sell a pup for 500.00 cash once when a man came over to the house and this pup was crying and chewing on the chain link fence. I wont have a pup like that around me, so one can get a pup from me like that.

Your deposit may be used in any of the following ways:

  • Transportation fees to and from stud.
  • Health testing costs.
  • Prenatal care to/from our veterinarian, c-section, x-rays of puppies in the womb etc.
  • whelping room facility maintenance.
  • any materials and/or equipment needed to birth puppies.
  • any immediate post-natal care that the puppies or the mother require as a result of the birth.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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