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Canine Health Issues

Letters from folks with doggy health issues

Dear Lois

These are my dogs Obi and Robey. Obi is the older dog by 4 months. He is now 8 years 5 months old and Robey is the younger one at 8 years 1 month old. Both are male. Obi has had hip dysplexia since he was 3 and Robey recently had a bad fall and now has slip disc. He drags his hind legs for his walks everyday. The picture I had on the facebook was when they were less than 3 years old and "during happier times".

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2 year old German Shepherd (F)

We are potentially looking to find our dog a new home (still torn on the idea). She is current on all shots and micro-chipped, and spayed. She is a smaller shepherd @ 53 pounds. She does have hip displasia (one reason she is kept at a lean weight). She still runs, jumps, plays, etc., but she does need a lot of rest. She is a GREAT house dog. She has no problem laying around the house most of the day with an occasional game of tug or tennis ball thrown a few times. She is house-trained and non destructive. She definitely is an indoor dog! She can be timid with certain situations (greeting strangers in the dark, etc). She can be dog reactive, but once familiar with a dog she has a lot of fun playing (but once again, definitely needs her rest). We have two small children (2 years and the other 7 months), and because of her hip problem she can get "grumpy" with our daughter when she wants to be left alone and we are having a tough time keeping them seperated (98% of the time she is fine). She has never bit anyone, but we are just not willing to take the risk with our kids. I have seen a specialist with her and have been told she would need hip replacements to completely solve her discomfort. She would do best in a house where there are no kids and no cats. We will be picky on who she would go to because we don't want her passed around by any means. She is very loyal to her family. German Shepherd experience or someone with experience in dog training preferred.

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Pure Bred German Shepard-Female (Grants Pass)

Date: 2011-01-14, 1:25PM PST

She is about 2 yrs old. I just got her from a friend in L.A. He got her as a puppy from the breeders that supply to LAPD. She isn't fixed and I have no clue on shot status.

She needs training and is a hyper dog that needs attention. She needs a large fenced yard. Not good with cats or aggressive dogs. She is good with children.

I'm not home enough and don't have the time to put into her now. Free to good home. I need to find her a home asap.

Canine Health Issues

There are a lot of these ads in the news papers and all over the internet. I wish they would stop breeding dogs unless they have plenty of homes for the pups.

When one outcrosses into another breed it is to bring in high bred vigor and health. When we continue using our own breeds gene pool, genetic problems begin to solidify. Outcrossing mixes things up and sends recessive health issues back down into the murk of the gene pool

I believe that all living entities have deformities and health issues that lay dormant or that are hidden in the murk of the gene pool in all of us. It is only when we continue to breed within close relations that issues double, triple and quadruple as they rise to the surface to be seen by the human eye or to be a great pain inside the entity and his/her life until the peacefulness of death over takes it.

What does inbreeding do? If there are issues, problems or pain in a certain line of living entity's, breeding close, on purpose will make offspring that will have issues/problems. Within these offspring will come one or two entities that will NOT have the problem. It is this entity that must be used to go forward with as it is this entity that is void of the genetic deformity make up, for if it were not, it too would have the deformity.

This tight inbreeding brings forth entities with health issues , yes..... it does. This is the sad thing about breeding like this. :>( But with all the pain and suffering there is a golden lining and that is the entity that is FREE of the deformity.

Is it worth it? Why not just outcross and stop inbreeding? If you marry within your own race, culture and or class of people, you have just inbred. The human race is producing more and more deformed human beings at a very high rate. When will we be wise enough to stop the suffering? I believe it can be done. I believe it should be done. How can it be done? Through education and knowledge.

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