The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

GANDALF (wt/face)


Von Merlin

# RC200100-4
   (F-1)     Male 

Weight at maturity?: (145lb)
Trainability: ?
​​​​​Prey Drive: (9) NONE

Scores as of:11-8-16

SOLD: Chris Green


  • SIBLINGS: Shack, Draco, Albus, Minerva, Shennara, Belatrix
Sire x Dam

Birth Notes: Arrived back end first and a total surprise. haha, a white face! He was slow to move but fast to the teats. He knows what he wants in life and is driven by NATURE.

Like his name sake:  Gandalf is a fictional wizard, member of the Istari order, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West. In The Lord of the Rings, he is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but returns from death as Gandalf the White. Thus our two tone little man here.


Temperament: At birth he is mellow. He is his genes and his instincts are sharp.

Gandalf will reach 130-145 lbs. the white markings will almost all disappear except on his face. His nose will turn black in the next three or so days. the white strip on his middle forehead will disappear. some eyebrows will be a reflection of what they are now. white doesn't grow in domestic dogs, it usually disappears.

Dew claws, one on each back/rear foot.

11-5-16: This pup is worth keeping i think. Little bothers him, so i am going to put a hold on him, even though he has a white face. I want to see if he will keep his great temperament, which i think he will.. Nothing phases this guy. He doesnt care if you pet him or not. He doesnt come out of the den and is not afraid, he just doesnt care to move, he would rather eat and sleep. This means he is going to be very large.  As all my dogs, he is a thinker and will do what he percieves to be good for him. Training him would be to make it rewarding to do for you. I think i could really like this boy.
   I wouldnt keep a white face, so you know his temperament is a 10+ for me to even think about it.

11-8-16:  This pup can go to anyone. He will fit into any situation. He is a great Am Alsatian Dire Wolf pup. Another embassador of the breed. Low prey drive, nothing phases him!  Will get along with smaller animals. Doesnt care for confrontation. Is NOT a hiking dog. Is not a sledge dog. Is not a ball chaser. This is a companion dog. Everyone will love him. Everyone in town will get to know him. A great R.E.A.D. prospect.

11-19-16: Changing his sire to the Rock. Rock was young, but it appears he did his job.

HEALTH RECORD: Wormed + Round/Whip 11-17-16
Dhalppv+cvk 12-3-16


Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10
   Barking: 10
   Prey drive: 10
   Chewing: 10
   Aggression towards humans: 10
   Aggression towards other dogs: 10
doesnt care for dogs
gets along with them if they 
are not in his face.
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 8
   Touch sensitivity: 10
   Sound sensitivity: 10
  Conformation: 10
back dew claws
   Eyes: 10
   Ears: should be errect
   Nose: 8
pink at birth
   Skull: 10
   Tail: 10
   Feet: 10
   Neck: 10
   Topline: 10
   Gait: 10


Pedigree Chart

Black ticked
silver gray
Storm Rainier
Rose Rainier

For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database


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