The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

"Bear" Dollar's Presley (co-owned by Vicky & Jim)

Dollar's Christmas Present von Storm
# SD00201-8   (F-2)     Male
whelped: Dec. 3, 2014
Conformation: 9+
Temperament: 10

Notes on Presley

    blk nose at birth
    long neck
    Silver cream with blk points
    dark dorsal
    w/tip reverse color
    long coat buckskin
    pink pads
    long tail
    roundish head large muzzle
    silver gray some stripes

January, 2015
This pup is friendly yet laid back and a thinker. This is the pick of the litter temperament wise.  This pup will blow you away. Looks right into your eyes and asks you what it is you want or if he is acceptable to you.  He talks with me in the universal language.  Sharp pup.
Coat is short and thick.

Faults:  small feet, curl in tail,

2-1-15: I was going to keep this pup, but he has got too much energy and an outward personality. though he is one heck of a very smart pup and so easy to train it blows me away... I have decided to sell him. This is one heck of a price as I value him to be at least 3 thousand dollars. Don't pass this one by...

2-3-15:  And now, I don't know if I want to sell him again.  I just cant make up my mind, so I will go ahead and put the price where it should be as he is worth every cent.  If he doesn't sell, I will go ahead and keep another boy... omygoodness...  perhaps he will be too stubborn?  I thought, but I told him to shut up and he is listening and not complaining.. so, I think he might stay? 

2-15-15:  This pup has balls..  He is taking on Cookie who was the boss.  Cookie is from an earlier litter and two weeks bigger and older than the Dollar litter. Presley needed to tell Cookie off and he stepped up and did it.  This pup is a very nice strong character and great looking as well as good bones.

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