The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Domestic Companion Vulpes Fox Project

Domestic Companion
Vulpes Fox Project


Follow along with me while I create the LOOK of a fox by breeding specific dogs together!  As I have done with the Dire Wolf project (breeding dogs to recreate the look of the Dire Wolf) I am now going to do with the Vulpes/Vulpes.

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How can i do this?
First I study the bone structure, the conformation, the coat texture, the look of the Foxes around the world. Then I start with the very first breedings of domestic dogs that would get me to my end destination.

Why do this?
Because people like the look of wild animals. Because I want to do it. Because I can do it. Because I would like a dog that looks like this:

Temperament:  I will be breeding only the laid back temperaments of the breeds of dogs already in exsistence.  I do not know many folks that can handle a shy, hyper animal. So your answer to the question you have in mind is no.. we are not going to breed in a fox temperament. COMPANION DOG means the opposite of WILD.

When will this project be completed?
Since I will be breeding mostly dominate traits, it should not take too long. 6 years maybe?

Which dogs will you breed first to get this Fox look?
   That will be a secret for the most part because it is hard enough to obtain my stock as it is. Many folks will not sell pups to me so i have to go around in another way to get the dogs i need to breed with. All my dogs are loved and only bred once, then i find great homes for them. None, let me repeat this NONE of my dogs or pups end up in pounds or homeless. Never have, never will.
   I will let you know such things as it unfolds..


Here are more great photos of where i am headed:

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