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Francis (retired)

Nadia's Francis von Bear
# AA000-0   (F-1)     Female

whelped: december 25, 2012

  • Conformation: 9
    Blk/bi; light brwn eyes
  • Temperament: 7

Nadine, Francis' mother, is a true VELCRO dog and so was Isis her great grandmother. No one could be her owner but me. They wouldn't like the transition and it would be very hard for them.  Such a dog is hard to come by and not really wanted.  They trust no one and they could care less if the stranger liked it or not.  Not aggressive, more on the very submissive side of the spectrum.  Like I said, no one would want her.  Luckily Submission of this kind is NOT dominate in my dogs.  Bold has always been what I bred for and what I bred.  This is the last time Francis will be bred.  Though she doesn't throw many submissive pups and the Sire usually contributes to all her pups character and temperaments, some times, one does come through.

Note: one of her pups (out of 25) grew up to attack strangers at the door.
Lived in an apartment and may have been unknowingly
trained to protect the property.

Free to correct home


update: 11-6-11:   hybrid black.  10 inches long from nose to tail onset. 3.5 inch tail = 13.5 inches total length.    ear set on 2.2    large head.  nice shape of head.

12-4-11   somewhat stubborn not wanting to be bonded to anyone at this time. more interested in what ever it is she wants.  This doesn't bother me. she is submissive enough to do as she is told and will do so.   The bond, respect and trust will come as i show her who i am..12-9-11  It was hard to pick just one pup from the litter to go forward with. I like a few of them.  If no one chooses some of the males, i may keep one?  I don't know.  so hard to let them go sometimes.  So why this one?  I want the strength these guys bring to the table. strength and conviction and determination. We don't need much in a companion dog, but we do need some. It is a different kind of determination than the pyreneese has. The pyr doesn't have a brain much, not when it comes to obedience, but the gsd has that ability to work with us humans. only thing is the owner/trainer MUST demand it and be consistent and fair. One has to BRING out... what is desired through guidance and teaching, through rewards or communication with the dog.
   I will keep updates on this gal through our web site pages as she grows and gets her training.See the progression of the brain, thinking?  planning, figuring things out..  ?

1-1-12   FRAN  update:  Fran is so easy to train. Getting back into the GSD lines with a tad bit of fear makes them 'stay' so much easier than the others. They just 'stay' ...    I put them in a position, tell them to stay and for some reason, they are statues...  If i continue the training these dogs should be well trained at a very early age.  Now, this fear is NOT fear of humans or sight sensitive, or noise sensitive. Though i am already using my 'Acting' whirl wind to stop any bad behavior and that will show up in a somewhat fear of noise test as I do follow through if i am not obeyed.
   This brings me back to my Shepherd days, except these pups are not as hyper and the coats are more like the short coated AKITA, very dense on the shorter coats. The med coats are more like PLUSH and not so long.

1/7/12  update:   nice pup.  puppy hyper will not allow her to pay attention at this time as we let them into the pack of dogs.  We are working on treats from the hand. that should get the attention i want.  You take the pup and train according to its personality and temperament.  You roll the dough into a shape...  She will learn to 'stay' and to 'down'.

3/19/12 update   Francis is not as friendly as Nana.  She is also not as relaxed and will not go to sleep beside me.  lap therapy was more intense with this one.  She is a better watch dog and a more one on one personable dog.  She is more stable than Nana and is not as shy as Nana.  More solid in temperament but not as friendly. Goes with the character of who she is. more regal. Stands her grounds more.

Fran update May 2, 2012:  Bond is getting very tight on me now though she loves the other dogs.
   Francis's barking has now subsided about 50% over what it use to be when she was a pup, but...  i took her mom and Dingo both away from her so she is kind of alone in the pack.   Nadine was too good of a mom and kept the pups bonded with her so we are glad she has gone. I warned Jen that Nana must be taken away from Nadine as this will interfere with training on Nana.  Now that Nadine has new pups, I have informed jen to take the pups away early. Nadine is there for every whine and this is not a good thing. Pups learn that whining means someone will come to them.
  Back to Francis, she has not needed any kind of formal training, she just falls into it naturally.  I did have to use a cane/stick on the right side of me to keep her from going to my right on a heel/walk, but she has got it now.
   Also this is the only pup i have had in the past 25 yrs that has thrown up on car rides. hmmm.
   Francis now sleeps on my lap and beside me. She also likes to be with me and is off leash while on the farm has been since she was 6 wks old. She comes when called, coaxing will get her to come.  Her sister was too smart and wanted to do what ever she wanted to do, thus Nana was not as genetically boned to humans than Nana. Francis would rather be with me than wandering or smelling the new smells.
barks, standoffish, bonds well
sensitive yet hard. doesn't whine.
Barking has subsided at 6 months of age.
Does like toys but is not prey oriented.
Very intelligent and bonded. A thinker easy to train
In heat aug/sept 2013  bleeding sept 3 spotting.

March 13 2014 update:  Francis is one of my favorite dogs here on the farm at this date, besides Aslan.  she does chase the birds.  she is the only one that does this.  She is steady, not nervous and loves to be near me. Trained herself to down stay, sits on command and downs on command.  Doesn't mind baths, will tolerate anything I ask of her , even if she doesn't want to do it.  I don't ask often, but when I do ask, she will do it...  great dog.  Is bonded to only me. A one person dog.  I might not be able to sell her...
April 19, 2013   Tank x Francis litter born (10 pups)

♂ Francis' Sherman Tank ("Zues")
♂ Francis' Humvee ("Tuna")
♀ Francis' Guinevere ("Weasel")
♀ Francis' Dollar and a Day Short (Silver "Dollar")
♀ Francis' Powder Keg ("Powder")
♀ Francis' "Angel"
♀ Francis' General Lee-Ann
♀ Francis' Payton
♀ Francis' Armenia ("Shire")
♀ Francis' Pershing ("Quinn")

(Dollar was kept)

Nov 10, 2014      pregnant by Storm
Jan 7, 2015        Storm x Francis Litter (10 pups)

♂ Francis' Vodka
♂ Francis' Darth Vader
♂ Francis' Vito Corleone
♀ Francis' Vavoom
♀ Francis' Vixen
♀ Francis' Vega
♀ Francis' Veda ("The Blaze")
♀ Francis' Viva
♀ Francis' Viola ("Lola")
♀ Francis' Voodoo Queen

Vavoom, Vixen("Flower"), Vega, and Viva ("Venus") were kept


10-1-12  wormed
10-8-12  shots (all)
6-2-13 iverhart worm med
1-2-16 da2p+pV (distemper,adenovirus2,parainfluenza,parvo modified live ser UY-300-063A Exp19May16

Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 9
   Barking: 5
   Prey drive: 2
   Chewing: 7
   Aggression towards humans: 9
   Aggression towards other dogs: 9
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 7
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 6
   Touch sensitivity: 5
   Sound sensitivity: 5
  Conformation: 8 too small, thin bons
   Eyes: 5 dark brown
   Ears: 9 erect but splayed
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 7
   Tail: 8
   Feet: 3
   Neck: 6
   Topline: 8
   Gait: 7


Pedigree Chart

Bear von Taz
(German Shepherd)
(AKC German Shepherd)  
(AKC German Shepherd)  
Nadine ROM
Beamer Am. Sel. Champion Zorro
My Sweet Annabel (Annie)

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