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Myths about Guard and Protection dogs


I was visited by a man with three of my dogs. I was glad he was there and thought his dogs had been trained.

  While in my home I had a professional teacher come to the door for our Autistic Grandchild's educational hour. Our friends dogs started barking and I allowed several seconds to go by to have the owner take control of his dogs. When he did not, I yelled at the dogs to shut up. One dog paid me no mind and continued threatening the teacher by barking with hackles up.

  I grabbed the dog by the leash and pulled it to me as it was under the table. When it got to me, I grabbed its neck and forced the dog to look at me as I scolded the dog and repeated the command to 'shut up'.

  I did not realize that the owner of the dogs FREE way of living and thinking was to allow his dogs to be the dogs that they wanted to be...

  The owner of the dogs was very upset with me in that I took control of one of his dogs and to this day he will never step foot again on my property.

  This person is not a dog trainer but I do respect his feelings and the love he has of his dogs. I want to explain somethings to him and all those who feel that an animal should be 'free to be who ever it wants to be"..

I get so fed up with this way of thinking

  Who am I and all the other PROFESSIONAL trainers and breeders?  Who are we that we have spent nearly a half a century living, working, training, breeding dogs?

  If an ELECTRICIAN came over to your house to fix an electrical problem and you asked him how many years he had working as an ELECTRICIAN and he told you 25 yrs....  You would step back... and you would LISTEN to that man !
  But what irks me is that some of you do not give us the credit of knowing what the heck we are doing, WITHOUT QUESTION...  nope, this man resented the fact that I TOOK CONTROL OF THE SITUATION!   While he stood by watching his dog aggressively bark at a professional teacher who was a guest at my house, while he and his three dogs were also guests.

  So, a word of advice to anyone who comes to my house with their dogs. If you do not want me to grab your dog by the leash and drag it across the floor to me when I tell your dog to be quiet and it ignores me, and you are doing nothing and know nothing... then  D O   N O T   C O M E  T O  M Y  H O U S E !!!
  This is MY HOUSE.  I pay the mortgage and it is not a KENNEL.  It is my castle.  A fairy God Mother doesn’t fly around the place and clean up after everyone... IT IS ME WHO DOES THAT and everyone who steps foot in my house is a guest of mine and will NOT be intimidated by any animal who doesn’t have manners.

If the owner has no manners, the dog will not have any manners either.  If the owner thinks of no one but HIMSELF... then the dog will have no manners and think of nothing but what ever IT wants.


  My veterinarian has taken many years of vet school and has been a DMV for some time now. I think he is right up there in years as I am and he can demand that you honor him with the proper title.

  If you had gone through 45 yrs of training, sweat and perseverance in your profession you would also feel entitled to be respected in that profession and you would be given the proper acknowledgement for the hours, days, months and years that you put into your work.
  Therefore I am now claiming my title as an old lady and as a professional breeder/handler/trainer/groomer and I WILL BE ADDRESSED with some kind of politeness and I will be given the benefit of the doubt that I not only know what the heck I am doing far more so than a newbie and owner of 1 1/2 dogs (of which the 1/2 dog got hit and killed by a car because this fool let his dog run FREE... off the leash because he is a staunch TREE HUGGER and he believes that HIS dog has the right to be FREE...
So what about my 18 dogs in the kennels?  Why don’t I just think like that also and let my dogs run FREE...?  And what about everyone else’s dogs?  If your dog can be OFF THE LEASH, then why cant mine?  and hers,  and his and theirs?

  If you think this way, please DO NOT COME SEE ME!  I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU BUT MEAN WORDS and you will get your feelings hurt.
  I do not have the time nor patience to give a 2 day instructional course on the opposite and right way to handle and care for dogs let alone go into the human sensitivity issue and the LOVE and the freedom of all Gods living animals...
  To you folks I say, figure it out... do some research and own some dogs. How about you get 13 dogs and let them all run in a pack and be free on your five acres... Then after about 6 months of being sued and neighbors throwing dog poop on your front step and calling the authorities on you and your appearance in a court of law and perhaps even a jail sentence or two, then maybe you will have some 'start' on what has been my 45 yrs of being with dogs...
Now that I have ranted and raved over an IDIOT who got mad at me for addressing a situation in MY HOME with his ill mannered dog and his own selfish 'me only' attitude...  I will begin to explain some things about ... 'THAT DOG IS JUST DOING HIS DUTY TO PROTECT ME... B.S.

#1. A barking dog is a dog that is afraid...

#2. A dog that is TRAINED to bark and to do something after the barking... is a trained ATTACK dog.  A dog doesn’t just bark and make everyone mad and get the neighborhood up set.. A TRAINED Guard dog or Attack dog is TRAINED TO BARK ON COMMAND... once it is trained to bark on command, then there is a connection.... given to him by his handler/owner, in which the dog will figure out WHEN it is appropriate to bark. This is done with consistency and is not a fly by night lets try and figure it out kind of 'we don’t really know but we think this is right' type attitude.

There are rules and a game is played with those rules in place. Without a pattern... or rules, how the heck can the dog know and or understand what the owner wants of him?   He doesn’t, he becomes a nuisance, a barking nuisance and may end up being taken to the pound and put to sleep !  PRAISE THE LORD!


Turn the situation around and place yourself in the man's shoes who came over to do his job and teach a special needs boy.  Then find yourself in the home with three VERY large and mean sounding dogs barking at you, and then... one appears from under the kitchen table.  Is the dog chained up or not?  Will the dog come out and attack me or not?


Ever hear of HOME OWNERS INSURANCE?  How about a million dollar law suit over a scar that a dog gave a human being?  GOT  A  MILLION  DOLLARS?
I sure as heck don't !



2. Most of the folks who want a dog to bark at people are folks that are rude. I am not just saying this to be mean or to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is the truth... Most of the people I have come into contact with (1 thousand) who want their dog to 'guard' them, to bark at anyone and everyone, well those folks are on an EGO trip. That dog seems like it may be MEAN and that makes the owner happy in a sadistic way.  THIS I HAVE SEEN .. and this is the truth.
    Most people who own breeds of dogs who appear to be MEAN looking, bark, have large jaws and love to play tug of war, those people relish in the fact that other humans are afraid of their dog.  Such a dog puffs a mans EGO and chest out... Even some women think it is neat to frighten others with their dog.
   And last but not least, the owners of such breeds of dogs USUALLY HAVE LITTLE KNOWLEDGE on Canines or the behavior of Animals. Oh they think they do and they will argue with you that they in fact know a heck of a lot.. And when they cannot prove it, they will hate you and sick the dog on you for a laugh and a win...


What you really need is a dog that 'knows'... A dog that can smell a bad guy’s perspiration, sweat and fear. A dog that is in control and is obedient to a 'T'... but one that will figure out when it is time to move in or 'go lay down'.

  This dog ' stares' or has a look of intense penetration. The American Alsatian has that if you will allow it to be developed and praise the dog for the stare. You do NOT have to allow a stranger to pet your dog or to approach your dog and you can train your dog that if anyone raises a cane or stick or weapon, that the dog is to 'attack'.
  This is a trained protection dog and a force to be reckoned with!  Beauty and awe in motion, not an out of control barking, scared, fear biting dog.

So how do you get that?
1. You get the right temperament in a breed of dog..
2. You do the WORK...  research... buy books and study
3. Train the dog.. Obedience first
4. Jot down notes on each of the books that you read and write up a working dog schedule to train your dog.

Preparing your dog for Guard Training

Obedience training is the foundation for all types of specialized training.

Obedience training establishes a line of communication between the dog and his owner as well as creating a closer and more understanding relationship. This is very important for specialized training. Without a foundation of solid education, the dog is severely handicapped in learning more advanced work.

Precise obedience to commands is an ABSOLUTE must for the trained guard or protection dog. Properly trained, the dog is under full control at all times. Obedience training that is correctly done will instill self-confidence in the dog enabling him to be more readily trained for guard work.

To have a good working dog, the dog must have confidence in you and he must also have a spark of FEAR of you.

He has to respect you and recognize your authority, knowing you have the iron hand over him. Without this spark of FEAR a dog tends to be INSOLENT, DISOBEDIENT, AND UNDEPENDABLE.

If he has no FEAR of your authority, he will not have any RESPECT for it, either.
This is something that must be put into the dog correctly and gradually.
UNNECESSARY or general ABUSIVENESS to the dog has a deleterious effect, destroying the dogs confidence both in himself and in you, making special training difficult if not impossible.

Complete recognition of his master's authority is something that must be developed during the obedience training of a dog. It must also be done in the RIGHT WAY.

Each dog and breed must be evaluated in his/her temperament by the trainer in order to KNOW how much pet, hugs, praise to give the dog. Sometimes such rewards hinder the dog, cause the dog to 'unfocus' or cause the dog to be 'over stimulated'. Talking to the dog may also interfere in the training.

Once a dog has no doubts about what is expected of him, his obedience to commands should be thoroughly demonstrated. His corrections for lack of obedience or disobedience must gradually become more severe until the dog will succumb to your demand for strict and immediate obedience to your commands at all times. "As much force as necessary to stop the crime from being committed' (police academy).

Heavy praise conveys to the dog that his trainer is very pleased with his performance. Moderate praise tells the dog his trainer is fairly pleased. Light praise and petting makes the dog believe he barely deserved any reward at all. Each dog learns these limits and judges his owner on them so be careful how you praise and be CONSISTENT in it.


1. Every dog is an individual
2. Never LIE to your dog
3. Use a positive, not a negative approach
4. Never finish on a failure
5. Build a firm foundation in fundamentals
6. Teach just one thing at a time
7. Don't be afraid to experiment
8. Balance punishment and praise with praise being more than punishment
9. give time off for good - or bad- behavior.

All our dogs must live in this mans world with all of its rules and laws that govern human society. Even if you live in the boonies, if you bring your dog into town or to a friends home or anywhere in the public, your dog as well as mine must have MANNERS..

YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING your dog does. Stop giving me excuses for your dog’s lack of manners. It is NOT the dog as to where the problem lies, it is YOU.  If your dog is a pain in the neck, it is because of your lack of attention to the dog and your lack of discipline or training done (not) with your dog.
    I can take your dog and bring it to my home and in less than THREE DAYS, your dog will have MANNERS...  So please do not tell me that it is the dog. It is NOT...

   Not everyone likes dogs and not everyone can stop a dog from jumping on them or licking them in the face. It is NOT UP TO THE public, my child, or even ME... to correct your dog, it is up to YOU....

    Also, lets discuss the public and the nut cases out there... Sooner or later you are going to meet up with those folks who think that you are too rough on your dog, or that you are 'breaking his spirit".  There are those folks that think that putting a dog in a cage is cruel.  You are NOT going to change their minds...
   If you may have thoughts such as this, remind yourself of all the ill mannered dogs that have ended up in the pound.

If the person training the dog shows his enthusiasm to reward the dog for his efforts, the dog will usually try his best and through practice he will finally conquer the lesson.

Dogs easily lose interest in acquiring accomplishments that do not bring them pleasure. Too many people tend to be stingy with their praise and then wonder why their dog makes little effort to learn or perform. When you praise the dog don’t talk to him as if you were discussing the weather. Put some EXCITEMENT and JUBILATION into your tone of voice. Dogs understand TONE better than words.

Like an athlete, the working dog must be in good physical shape.


Do get to class on time.
Do let your instructor know if you cant hear
Do attend EVERY class

Do train your dog in places where there are NO distractions at first and gradually include distractions as your dog advances.

Do remember to EXERCISE your dog BEFORE you train. Let him sniff and go potty.

Do wear special obedience clothes and shoes for this type of training and make sure the dog wears his special gear for this training.

Do train in short periods and five times a day rather than one long 60 min training session.

Do give commands in a loud, clear voice.


Don’t let your dog sniff other dogs !

Don’t concern yourself with the dog and handler next to you in puppy class

Don’t try to get your dog to do complicated routines that you see the advanced group doing

Don’t continue walking or move your dog if he is 'relieving himself'' stand still and let him finish. All dogs do this, just hand your dog to someone else and get the plastic bag out of your pocket and pick the mess up. Tie a knot in the bag and dispose of it in the nearest trash.

Don’t NAG or over train your dog. Jeez.... stop nagging the poor dog. Teach only for five minutes then stop nagging at him.

DONT call your dog to you ever five minutes. If your dog is tired STOP the training.

DONT train a tired dog.

Don’t train a young pup for too long!  Train five times a day for five minutes each session.

Don’t force a pup to do something, entice him. Make the dog WANT to do what you have asked. If your dog DOESN'T want to do what you ask, then know one thing...........  YOU ARE BORING !

Don’t feed your dog before training him.

Don’t train your dog in such a way that all he gets out of it is a negative attitude.

And last but not least:

NEVER put your dog in a position to lose or to NOT do as you have asked...

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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