The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Provides sound awareness at home, such as the smoke alarm, door knock, doorbell, phone, alarm clock, oven timer, name call, and a baby cry

Provides increased awareness when out in public, such as a siren, honking horn, name call

Helps ease anxiety sometimes experienced in social situations


Reduces feeling of isolation often faced by people with hearing loss

Home Environment

There can be no other dogs in the household with a Hearing Dog or Autism Assistance Dog, with the possible exception of a retired Dogs for the Deaf Hearing Dog or Autism Assistance Dog.

REMINDER:   I do not train any of my dogs for this, nor do i guarentee any of my dogs to do this. I do not breed Working dogs, though MANY folks have bought my dogs and have trained them for such things.


What it takes from you to raise and train a Service dog

It will take you at least a year to mold the pup into the perfect dog for you.

It will take another year of continued training to perfect this pup for the things you need. KNOW THIS...

You must be willing and able to physically, mentally, and emotionally care for the dog without assistance.

You will be required to attend obedience training classes or hire a private obedience trainer

Total commitment and willingness to work with your dog daily   (6 SIX times a day)

The ability to place practice sessions ahead of other pressing demands

Stopping whatever you are doing to work with your dog when he/she is confused or does not work properly

Rewards for a job well done each and every time they work for you

When we match a Dog with a client, we look at a variety of factors: 

The needs of the client 
Lifestyle and energy level
Confidence the dog has in new environments and situations.


Only dogs that can ignore other dogs, handle being exposed to busy, noisy and crowded environments as well as comfortable with all types of people are appropriate to be in public.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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