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Jumping on Me

Now, i am going to tell you a sure fire cure and it does work.... but you are NOT going to like it... You may use a different approach to this and be nice and listen to all those tree huggers and take a chance on never getting your dog to stop jumping or, you can stop it now...

I will be dubbed the animal abuser, but I don’t care. i write the truth...

When I get a pup (8-18 wks old) that jumps up on me, I ACT very angry... I yell and my eyes get white and my face goes 'bad'... and I boot scoot the pup.

First let me explain what is going on. I am walking and the puppy is jumping up on my legs and may run in front of me or trip me. This is a set up for a disaster If i fall and break a bone.  Some folks are told to just stop walking.  What happens when a PERSON STOPS.... when a body stops, the canine jumps... that is what happens. so I DO NOT STOP... I walk........... and while walking the pup is trying to keep up with me and while he is walking / running... he can NOT JUMP..... his four legs must go on walking...

I train my dogs from an early age that when I am standing up tall, or walking the dogs are NOT TO BOTHER ME... ? This is IMPORTANT in the not jumping training.

ONLY PET YOUR DOG WHILE YOU ARE SITTING and this will replace the jumping up on you while you are busy. They will be waiting for you to sit.
    You walk to your chair; while walking the dog/pup can not jump on you, he can and will go IN FRONT OF YOU to get you to stop so he can jump on you. When he gets in front of your feet, the boot scoot ™ comes up... You will scooot your shoe or foot under the dogs belly and lift the pup up, off his four feet and the motion of your boot moving forward will scoop and scoot the pup forward.... This must be practiced and you can practice on a stuffed animal... go easy at first until you 'get' the flow.... the natural Chinese flow of life and movement as you boot scoot your pup.
   Using your FEET to discipline a pup makes the pup aware of your feet.. Feet are a NO... Something to stay away from.. FEET will hurt a pup and may also KILL a pup by accident of course... or break bones... by a heavy shoe stepping on a young pups paw...
   Boot scooting a pup is punishment in a soft form or a harder form. A person who is fluid in boot scooting pups can dish out only enough punishment to stop the act from harming or hurting you or any other human that your pup will transfer this bad habit to.
  'Boot Scooting' is a trade mark of mine in the training department as i am the only one who has used and continues to use (as well as write about) this technique. Don’t think any one else would ever WANT to claim it.

   I use what works and boot scooting a pup WORKS... I want you to practice on stuffed animals, then try it on your pup. Remember you must be walking and the pup walking (or moving) as the FLOW and movement must be a continuation of the forward walking. You will see when you are doing it.

Caution... do NOT use the toes of any shoe and punch into a dog s body.... ONLY USE THE TOP of the shoe and place it UNDER NEATH the dog/pups belly TO CARRY the pup off the ground as in a SCOOT...

( I am writing this to be added in my book and my web site in the training page).
So, when so many trainers say to ignore the pup, I say BULL SHIT... what you are doing when you ignore the pup, you are instilling the behavior to jump on you, you are creating the pup to jump on you, you are MAKING the pup jump on you!

I say STOP IT!!!   Stop the dog from jumping on you!    Legally, you have a right to PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM HARM... in a legally acceptable way and this is: "with as much force as necessary to STOP the crime from being committed"...

If I come over to your house and your pup jumps on me, I have a LEGAL right to stop this pup from scratching me, harming me, tearing my cloths, dirtying me etc... and I have a right to use as much force as necessary to STOP the pup from jumping on me.

If you can afford it, you can fly me over to the airport and ask me over to your home. I will stop the dog/pup from jumping on me. I may have to pick the pup up and scoot him across the floor as I YELL and shake my finger at the pup. Once the pup is AFRAID of me and leaves me alone, I can go sit down. Once I sit down, I can call the pup to me and if he comes, then ask him to sit and I would pet him. If he wants to jump on me when sitting, I will put his head between my legs and kind of anchor his head there as I pet him. I do not mind my dogs putting their heads between my two legs while I sit. This way they can expend their excitement by way of pushing into me as I hug them.

I also know NOT TO PET A DOG FAST.... but to pet a dog/pup CALMLY.... this is very important and you must reward the pup as he CALMS down.

I do not know which IDIOT dog trainer started this IGNORING thing.... what a disaster that is... My girl friend wanted me to ignore her dog that jumped on me. The dog was 100 lbs, no freakn way would I ever IGNOR the dog !!!   I told her that if she did not want me over, I would not come over, but I was going to take over the command of the dog if she did NOT make the dog NOT jump on me.
   The first time I came over and walked into the living room and this dog came bounding over at full speed, my natural reaction was to use my fist and plunge it into the dogs nose… I was terribly sorry, but the dog did not jump on me, push me or make me fall down. The dog did yelp, and the owner had a very SHOCKED face on her . I know she did not know what to say.. She ended up telling me that her dog, goes into time-out and she explained all about how she does it. That is fine and dandy, but the owner did not take control and was NOT in control of the dog, so automatically I went into my defense and stopped it. (Sorry)

I get HIGHLY pissed off, when threatened bodily harm by a dog jumpin on me!!!   I do NOT LIKE any dog/pup taking advantage of me, dominating me and using me as a freakn TOY... I am a human being and I WILL be left alone...

  My alpha and king dogs of the pack would NOT put up with this kind of behavior either!!!  They WOULD tear into your pup, regardless of the tearing of flesh or teeth marks and BELIEVE me, that pup would NOT jump on them EVER again!

  Your dog is a dog, not a human being and he is being a dog/canine and he is not going to come up to you, give you your human space and reach out and shake your hand in a greeting. If he wants to greet me like a dog in a pack, then so be it.... I will greet him as my alpha would greet him.

Thank you for emailing me and asking this question cause their is a stupid, 'IGNORE'  your dog b.s. training that is going around... don’t listen to that... be a dog... be a member of the dog pack and strike out and grab that pup and USE my ACTING training from my book...

  Grab his neck with both hands and shake him fast (1 second or one one thousand’ of a count) then let go while screaming and stomping!  Bet that will work!  DO WHAT WORKS.

   There is no need to cripple or maim a dog/pup, but there is no reason to allow the pup to be boss and to degrade you or any of your family or friends by jumping on them, hurting them, scratching them, tearing their flesh... (though there would be no cruelness on the pups intent to do bodily harm), there is a liability to you as an owner and you may be sued for a hundred dollar pair of shoes, a dress, nylons, etc... A scratch may be deep enough for plastic surgery and a scar for life. How much will that cost a dog/pup owner?

  So you see there is a big tug of war in the training department... who wins? The tree huggers and the fluffy dog training as it SOUNDS better and is so much NICER than my training.. but my training works NOW and you will NEVER have to remind the pup of the right manners to be used...

Please email me and let me know, how long it took your sweet baby pup to learn to wait until you go sit down to be petted... he doesn’t need to sit himself now... you may command him to sit, but it is hard for a pup to sit when excited, so allow a few seconds of excitement and then command a sit... even a down later, after the sit, so you can pat his tummy... This will bring him to his rightful position in the dog pack, as my alpha dog also requires a pup to do this, to lay on his back for complete submission of his authority... Once my alpha does this, the pup approaches with caution... my alpha NEVER stops and ignores a pup..!!! NEVER !!!      He jumps over the pup and runs while growling at the pup... When the pup gets in his face or bugs him too much, the alpha bites, nips and growls as the pup goes crying and running off to pout... does this make the pup HATE the alpha???   heck no... but it makes the pup respect and makes him be careful of the alpha.... as it should be.


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