The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project


Dog Name
# BV3002-5   (F-3)     Male 

Born: 5-14-17

  • Conformation:10
  • Adult weight:100
  • Temperament:10
  • Intelligence:10
  • Trainability:9
  • Prey Drive:
  • Scores as of:6-1-17


6-1-17 Limbardo is a feminine looking male. very sweet , quiet, and minds his own business. He is a lover and likes giants and the lap of luxoury. He loves to sleep on towels and blankets. Likes the cold weather, not the heat. 
At this age he is all about himself, but he is not one to demand anything, thus he is smaller at this time. 

When they start eating on their own, he may sprout up.  I am guessing he will reach about 100 pounds at maturity, maybe a tad more.

a very wolfish looking pup he will be .  ears will be the first to go up. yellow eyes, and great sable markings.

A true Am Alsatian, he will not care much for strangers though he will accept them. he is smart enough to know who is who. He will like his space but, also he will want to be with his favorite people. he will love the lap and will lay on your feet to be sure you dont go anywhere while he snoozes.

he will like the more laid back life, but he could also like hiking and exploring the world with his best bud.

june 23 2017: Green colar pup and this pup are seen together a lot. This is not the dominate pup in the litter. Standoffish a tad. Doesnt care for a lot of activity or noise. likes the country. will like car rides but doesnt care much for new places. will be a  home body. Neuter around a year old or before he starts lifting his leg. This is a lover not a fighter.



Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10
   Prey drive: 10
   Chewing: 10
   Aggression towards humans: 10
   Aggression towards other dogs: 9
he doesnt think he is a dog
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 10
   Touch sensitivity: 10
   Sound sensitivity: 10
  Conformation: 10
   Eyes: 10
   Ears: 10
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 10
   Neck: 10
   Topline: 10


Pedigree Chart


For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

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