The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Leash and the Choke Collar

1.  you must be the safety....  if she is bucking, then she is not near you... if she is bucking and is near you then you have pulled the leash and choke and did not JERK AND RELEASE.....  you must RELEASE...    (Please note that i am not yelling, i am EMPHASIZING)..

2. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEARER......  DO NOT PULL THE LEASH, IT MUST BE LOOSE....................................................  IT MUST HAVE LAG.........................................  IT MUST HAVE A LOOP BETWEEN HER AND YOU THAT HANGS DOWN............................................   THERE MUST BE NO TENSION....  N O TENSION WHAT SO EVER.........

3. how are you going to make it so there is no tension????
     a. use a 10 foot leash..  will she run 10 feet away from you?   if she will, then you are PLAINLY NOT SAFETY FOR HER.. 
    b. when she comes, sit down with her and pet her.  Leave the choke collar on her and let her get used to it.
    c. now, pick up the end of the leash, roll it up in your hand like a lasso
    e.   as she leaves you, call her, if she doesn't come, (highlight this) JERK AND IMMEDIATELY RELEASE..... get her attention and call her to you.. Slap your thighs, show her the hot dog, but use your brains and get her to come to you.. once she is near you she is safe and there must be NO TENSION on her neck.
I will admit that in some cases i will reel a pup in to me as quickly as possible while they are bucking and fighting.  When the pup gets to me, i sit down on the ground and put the pup in my lap..  she will learn that when she is near me, there is no pain, no tension, no up-set, just HEAVENLY LOVE....

4. now stand up and call her to you... now walk and show her the hot dog as you walk, she will go to the hot dog, keep walking and tell her she is a good dog, slap your thigh and keep walking...  what????  she is walking with you???? No way?????  (if she is not walking with you trying to get the hot dog.............(STOP)... GO NO FURTHER, YOU LOOSE.

go back into the house, pick up all food and wait two hours before you try to have her walk on a leash without any tension.

there is a game i have my students play, it goes like this... put the end of a 10 ft leash in your pocket or over your shoulder and walk with your dog...  what,??? she is not walking with you???    why not???   you mean to tell me that you are boring?  that you have nothing that your dog wants???  hmmm, go back to the handbook and read it again.

While you are walking let go of the leash and just let it drag. call your dog to walk with you.  if she runs off towards the kennels, shout, no, bad dog, come here (before you step on the leash).  then as she tumbles over herself and is scared to death, release the leash and go to her...  pick your baby up and tell her that she must stay with you.  Go back to the same spot where she ran away and put her down.  sit down with her and pet her.  just stay there.  you may play with her, lay with her, do some lap therapy (which by the way you have not done right nor enough times) and then pick her up and go in the house.  try this again tomorrow.

when you call her to you, USE HOT DOG SLICES (or cheese)... ALL THE TIME.  if you had been doing this, there is no way that she would NOT come when you called her to you.

the whole thing about the choke chain is that it is NOT to be used....   it is to be a slap on the neck or a wakeup call, that tells the dog that you can reach him/her 10 ft away, to REMIND them that you commanded them to do something.. JERK (gets their attention) AFTER a command has been given, never before and never just tension for no reason. There is no rhyme nor reason to have any tension what so ever on the leash if it is not to get the dogs attention.  if she is bucking, let go of the leash, let her run with the leash on and in the back yard, then call her to you.

When you ask her to sit and she doesn't, what do you do?  Push her butt down?  Pushing her butt down is SHOWING her what the command means.  If she knows what the command means and then does NOT do it:  1. you bore her   2. you nag.... and ask her to do it way too many times   3. she is tired of hot dogs and you have nothing she wants.   4. you are the little boy that yells wolf one too many times and she doesn't listen to your nagging and chatting ... you don't mean anything much...

You must know that you need to be quiet.  do not ask ANYTHING of her unless you mean it.  then be nice about it.   if she has learned the lesson and she knows what sit means then why continue to ask it of her?  move on to another command.  now, if she knows what sit means and you are not in the position to MAKE HER FOLLOW THROUGH, you BETTER NOT ask her to sit or you LOOSE...

here is where the leash and flat /choke come in handy....  if she is 10 feet away and you ask her to sit and she doesn't, then you can jerk and release the leash and look at her, then tell her ' i said sit'.........   then you must follow through and make it happen, go to her, do NOT ask her again, but this time, make her sit, then a second after her butt goes down, you ACT that you are over joyed and thank her for sitting and following your command..

If she is 20 feet away and is in the trash and you yell at her, 'no bad dog'  and then you say 'come here' and she does then you punish her, you best NOT  be near me... cause i will blow my lid... she did what you asked, she came to you and you can NOT punish her... it was your fault for giving her a command that she performed and followed through on.  The game is that you are NOT allowed to punish a dog that comes. N E V E R.....  she is safe beside you.  you may discuss the matter with her if you like and give her about a 5 in praise instead of a 10 in praise..

I have much faith in you that you will get this right.  it is EXTREMELY hard to do for newbies... but, be assured, that once you finally learn this, it is the BEST TOOL ever...  a simple jerk to get the dogs attention, should be only about a half a second in tension.  the amount of tension depends on the dog..  a dog that knows what it is supposed to do and doesn't gets a large amount of tension on its neck, but the same amount of time in the tension (.5 seconds).

you may also need to jerk and release about 8 times on some dogs until they finally get it... but they CAN NOT 'get it' if you do not explain what you want to them and have them 'see' what it is you want.  your pup has no clue what you are doing, nor what it is you want of her.  Command her to come ... to you...  then reward her.  that is to be learned before you start walking.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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