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Monte Carlo Von Vegas

Carlo Von Vegas

#M/AF201001   (F-3)     Male
(Black collar pup)

Born: October 16, 2016

  • Conformation:10+
  • weight:
  • Temperament: 9
  • Intelligence: 10+
  • Trainability: 9
  • Prey Drive:8
  • Scores as of:12-4-16
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  • SIBLINGS: Baron, Paris, Dory, Freemont, Ceasar, Augie


New born notes: Longest pup in the litter. Mellowest pup so far. This whole litter is pretty rounded out. all AA quality. 

11-20-16 Monte is a favorite of mine. His temperament is far advanced as he does NOT believe he is a pup. He is MATURE... in mind.  But... He is velcro. He does NOT want to be left alone, so train this boy to 'stay' following my book. Do the 'stay dance'... and follow step by step...  do not skip any pages or chaptures! 

   This boy is a thinker and he is 'sensitive'..  He will NOT forget who, what, when, and where you punished him at. He will remember the way home and the way back to the car.  Use his talents and abilities and train accordingly. 

   Once you train this boy, you will be pretty good at understanding the Canine and 'playing' the training games.

Once you get that communication going between your mind and his mind, you will have the BEST EVER dog in the whole wide world.  This brain is a terrible thing to waste...

p.s. This boy can only come back here. If at anytime you do NOT want him or he is too much to handle, he must come back here.

Nueter early as this boy will mature early.  Darkest pup in litter.

Black collar pup. The black collar is around this guys neck in this photo.

The collars all came off the pups, but i believe this is the black collar pup

Black collar pup Monte' Carlo



Dhalp pv +cvk 12/3/16
12/9/16 Distemper/Parvo

Round + positive 12-1-16
12-9-16 Round +


Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10
   Barking: 10
   Prey drive: 9
   Chewing: 8
   Aggression towards humans: 10
   Aggression towards other dogs: 10
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 10
   Touch sensitivity: 10
   Sound sensitivity: 10
  Conformation: 9
could be longer in body
   Eyes: 10
   Ears: 10
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 10
   Tail: 10
   Feet: 9+
could be larger
   Neck: 10
   Topline: 10
   Gait: 10


Pedigree Chart

River's Rock
Oct 20 2015
HR2001-2 F-2,
Hammer Down
Aug 30 2014
WSPN10405-2 F-1
Woodrow Wilson ("Woody")
Feb 18 2013
Irish Wolfhound x Malamute
Nadine (Nadia)
Jan 11 2009
BI301-3 F-3
Blossom's Stormy River (Sina)
Sep 02 2014
Vallecito's Storm
Nov 10 2012
Cherry Blossom
Feb 21 2013
M/RA4002-2 F-1
Vega "Vegas"
Jan 07 2015
SF20300-4 F-2
Vallecito's Storm
Nov 10 2012
GreyHawk's Mount Rainier
Mar 01 2010
Alaskan Malamute
Nadine (Nadia)
Jan 11 2009
BI301-3 F-3
Nov 05 2011
BN190301-3 F-1
Big Bear Taz Von Titan
Jan 01 2010
DN 26538802 German Shepherd Dog
Nadine (Nadia)
Jan 11 2009
BI301-3 F-3

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