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Mr Q

Mr Q
# AA#####-#   (F-?)     Male 

Born:Jan 2017

  • Conformation: 10 in girth
  • 8 in total body
  • weight:180
  • Temperament:10+
  • Intelligence:8
  • Trainability:8
  • Prey Drive:5
  • Scores as of:08-07-17




Mr Q is what we lack in our dogs. In 1995 or 6 we outcrossed the English Mastiff into our lines. Fawn colored Female Cold Springs Willow. This gave us the girth and a more dosile temperament. 
With all the outcrosses we have gotten to far away from this temperament that i loved so much, so i chose a pup from Texas with a touch of long coat as a new born. 
it looks to me he may not be pure for the English Mastiff and may have hidden Bull Mastiff in his lines somewhere in the past, unbenonst to the 2 breeders after the outcrossing. This is fine with me as i look for outcrossing to get out of any health issues.

We hope to keep the girth given we have over 15 yrs of pretty girthy dogs and over 25 years of breeding for girth.

Sadly we will have drop ears in the first three generations out of the English Mastiff, unless i can produce some tighter ears as quickly as i can. Erect ears are NOT my concern.. the laid back loving easy going wonderful large puppy temperament should be what you are going for.

Until we get the Dire Wolf look once again, prices will drop for some AMAZING pups that might resemble the English Mastiff. 
This is a photo of what we might get. It is one of my earlier Mastiff crosses to some of my dogs back in the 80's



No issues. None what so ever.

Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 10
   Barking: 8
   Prey drive: 6
   Chewing: 6
   Aggression towards humans: 10
   Aggression towards other dogs: 10
   Aggression towards smaller animals: 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): 10
   Touch sensitivity: 10
   Sound sensitivity: 10
  Conformation: 9
not long enough in body
   Eyes: 8
   Ears: 4
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 4
too much stop
   Tail: 10
   Feet: 10
   Neck: 10
   Topline: 9
   Gait: 9


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