The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Needle Naga x Ana

Anastasia's Needle Von Naga

Born 1-10-21
Conformation: 9 (small) fox ok Not a dire wolf
Temperament: 9
Scores as of: 1-12-21

Siblings: Nudge, Nemo, Noodle, Nitro, Nugget, Napkin, Nano, Needle

Notes: Feet first. light redish. silver pink skin. w/tip. T bone white chest. long tail. small pup

lightest pup in litter, no mask. low pigmentation. snownose @birth. Really long long tail. shorter legs. silver leggins long body. silver brown cheeks. silver shoulder blades. sm pink lips. pink belly. hybrid black. sm white sock toes r/front. very sm. should resemble anastasia but better looking.

1-12-21  Not the color i am looking for in a direwolf, but in a red fox?  She is gold, yellow and brown with dark tips. Dont know how she got this color. Her feet are small. This is not a Direwolf and if i had not started the fox project this pup would be sold. She might reach about 62 lbs? maybe 69?  She is sweet and inquisitive, bold not shy. She will love the laps of all her family. If she learns rewards for words/commands and gets them, she will be a velcro pup.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs