The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Nemo Naga x Ana


NEMO von Naga

Male  Na4004-3

Born 1-10-21
Conformation: 10 dire wolf
Temperment: 9

Scores as of: 2-23-21

Siblings: Nudge, Nemo, Noodle, Nitro, Nugget, Napkin, Nano, Needle

Notes: Black hybrid. White hair blaze. small snow nose

Large pup. Easy going for the most part yet pushes others out of the way for milk and survival. Strong. Male. Should be a large adult maybe 130 lbs.
Purple collar and third pup born at 3:45 am. Not breathing. resecetated. Removed liquid from lungs. w/tuxeto. w/2 front paws. long long neck. Straight coat. smallish. Right front glove. Hybrid pigmentation. lips pink. pads of feet pink. W/tip tail. sm head, petieat body. snow nose, no mask? stiff. White hairs on head/neck. W/chin

2-12-21  This is a DIRE WOLF !!  Nice coat, longish, with a good balance of undercoat. This is a lonestar. Gentle sweet and kind. Loving cuddles. He can be a bit pushy at this age and is more independent than i like. He will love REWARDS and if taught young you will not have any issues with this boy. He would love to go for walks (as he gets older of course) and will be soaking in all the knowledge of the universe. He does love himself at this age and life is all about him and his feelings. He is a bit uncomfortable in my arms, but ony shows an issue with it after about 5 min. He wants to be with his siblings and mom at this age. He is cautious enough and at this age would not come out of the den except for his food and he would follow others. He is not a dominate pup at this time.  He gets a 9 score as he doesnt have enough patience for a 10 score. Everything else is fantastic. A pup i would keep for breeding. He will look just like a direwolf and naga and lonestar.. He is photogenic and folks will stop you where ever you are to take a photo of your wolf dog. Expect a very high price tag.

Feb 23 2021: Nemo is a playful friendly pup. Outgoing and at this age, he thinks he is 'free' and wild. He is all about himself and what it is he wants in life. Started lap therapy a week ago and he is staying in my lap but doesnt like it. At this age, there is not much he can do about it. I keep him in my lap for 2 min, give the 'ok' and release him. He is in beginning puppy training and lap therapy is where we start.  This is a very intellegent pup and he WILL figure out how to get his way. They age raw chicken for breakfast today and are now off canned meat. Kibbles are softened with chicken broth and oils.


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