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Not An AA Contract

Use this contract if your pup is NOT an American Alsatian   Lois Schwarz buys other breeds of dogs to be bred together so that the first generation 'DILUTES' both pure breeds and causes the pups to be 'designer dogs'  or 50% x 50%  un- pure. 
   This is done to break up the saturated 'purebred' condensed genetic structure of the new pup.
  The pick of the litter of this breeding is then bred with a saturated Am. Alsatian and the resulting pups are known as F-1's or first generation outcrossed AA's.
   I want to remind you that I do not breed WORKING dogs with a desire to work. I breed the perfect 'Large Breed Companion Dog'     If you are looking for a working dog, my dogs may not fit the bill.  Some of my dogs do a wonderful job as 'service dogs'  or dogs that have a particular duty or job, but....  once again... My goal is NOT to breed working dogs!     Do not expect our dogs to want to work. 
    If you are buying a 'NOT AM. ALSATIAN'  as a pet or companion, then this is the form you need to fill out. 

The Following is our
Puppy Contract

to be filled out and signed only if you are ready to purchase your new puppy.

You do not have to fill it out completely if you do not know the information yet.


Schwarz Kennels
4175 Winnetka Rd.
White City, Oregon 97503
Cell 541 301-9088

I understand this is a binding and legal contract enforceable in a court of law. I am applying in this online contractual agreement to purchase the American Alsatian pup known as:


Part Two: Buyer's Information

Buyer's Name:    _________________________________________
Buyer's Address:   _______________________________________
Buyer's Phone:   _______________    _______________
Buyer's E-Mail   _________________________________________________
Hereinafter known as: "Buyer/Owner"

The seller has on this date _________    promised to sell to the buyer the Pup/Dog described below:
Breed  __________    date of birth  _______________    Sex _____
description of pup/dog:  ________________________________
Sire's information: _________________________
Dam's information:_________________________________

Deposit amount and date Paid:  _______________________________

Amount to be paid before shipment or pickup: ____________________
Total Purchase price of said pup: _________________________________
(Shipping and transportation fees are not the responsibility of the Breeder and are not included in the sale of this pup/dog)

Seller Warrants and Agrees:

1. Seller Lois Schwarz is the lawful owner of the dam, and has full legal right to sell its offspring.
2. The puppy/dog is sound in body and good health at the time of the sale. The puppy has had its first inoculation for parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, adenovirus and Para influenza.

Sellers refer all questions regarding inoculations and worming to qualified veterinarians.
3. Buyer is to arrange a checkup of the puppy by a qualified veterinarian within 48 hours of sale. Seller shall be notified IMMEDIATELY in the event that the pup/dog has a defect. If the puppy is ill (not poisoned) or defective, the buyer is entitled to a replacement pup and this puppy should be transported back to the buyer as soon as possible within the guaranteed time. All paperwork must be returned to the seller and signed back to the seller. 
Sellers warranty is limited to the refund of the puppy's purchase price upon immediate return of the puppy and only under the circumstances described above. Seller does not ever reimburse for veterinarian expenses. 

If your pup was found defective by a licensed veterinarian and this condition is detrimental to the pup’s health you may return the pup, for another pup of equal value.  

The only time we refund the complete purchase price is if the pup is returned before the 72 hour period and in the same (or better) condition as you got it.

4. Schwarz Kennels dogs are guaranteed to be OFA certifiable at TWO YEARS of age. If you wish to do this the dog must be x-rayed by THIRTY (30) months of age, and the x-ray submitted to the OFA for examination and certification. If the OFA finds the dog to have hip dysplasia, the following requirements must be fulfilled in order to obtain a replacement puppy. It is understood that money is NOT refunded, and that this guarantee is for a REPLACEMENT puppy only. A). OFA shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia.
B). we are to receive a copy of the OFA report. C). If the dog has hip dysplasia, the dog will be replaced upon return of the dog's registration paper, which is to be signed over to me. You may keep the dog if you wish or give it to someone else, but it must be neutered or spayed, and we must have written proof of this from the veterinarian who performs the surgery D). All freight charges for the replacement dog are to be paid by the owner of the dog. We ship the replacement dog/pup until all transportation fees are paid in full. E). Replacement pups may be chosen from any breeding that we have available that is similar in price to what you paid for the dog. If you should want a puppy from a more expensive litter, we ask only that you would pay the difference. F). This guarantee applies to the original owner of the dog and no dog will be guaranteed and replaced unless our kennel name is used in front (prefix) of the registered name of the dog.
Schwarz Kennel's dogs are guaranteed to be CERF certifiable. If you wish to do this the dog must be examined by a DACVO certified veterinarian by 30 months of age. A written report of any heritable eye disease must be submitted to the seller with written proof that the dog has been neutered or spayed, and the dog's NAAC registration papers must be signed over to the seller in order to receive a replacement puppy. All guarantees are exactly under the same terms as the guarantee for hip dysplasia. Eye guarantee does not cover injuries to the eye. Buyer’s remedies are for hip dysplasia and heritable eye disease only. No other diseases or injuries or illnesses, and are limited to replacement puppy as provided above.


1. This dog shall be maintained and kept under the personal control of the Buyer, and this dog shall be given adequate housing, food, veterinary care, basic obedience training and shall in no manner be mistreated or neglected.
2. This puppy is sold as a pet or companion dog (not guaranteed to be show conformation and breeding quality), and he/she shall not be used for breeding unless the buyer and the seller agree, in writing, to that, in a separate breeding rights agreement.
3. If circumstances arise that would prevent the buyer from keeping this dog, the buyer promises not to discard this dog, and to make every effort to place the dog in another suitable home. This dog shall not be turned over to any animal shelter or rescue organization. If the buyer is unable to locate a suitable home for the dog, the dog shall be returned to the seller together with its signed-off registration papers - free of charge.
4. In the case of male puppies (unless neutered) the seller retains the right to use this male for stud service, free of charge. Seller will notify the buyer in advance if such a service is required, and will make all necessary arrangements, including payment for the pre-breeding blood tests and any boarding and food expenses. Seller will also conduct the breeding and shall care for this stud dog as her own. Stud dog will be returned or picked up in as good as condition or better when the owners come to reclaim him.
This contract is valid from the date of delivery of the puppy and throughout the lifetime of the dog, or until the buyer transfers ownership of the dog to a third party.


The THREE major airports that i would be able to pick my pup up at are: 


___________________    ______________________     _____________________

I have studied all information and photos, read the contract and agree to purchase this pup for the amount stated. Here is my SIGNATURE of agreement  

Buyer: ______________________________ date: __________
Seller:  ______________________________ date: __________

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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