The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Nudge Naga x Ana

"Nudge" me some
von Naga

Born 1-10-21
Conformation: 9 smallish
Temperment: 10
Scores as of: 1-12-21

Siblings: Nudge, Nemo, Noodle, Nitro, Nugget, Napkin, Nano, Needle

Notes: White belly button. White tip on tail. 2 front paws white. Dark skin. Good breeder AA

This pup is a survivor. Strong. Pushes into me. Not fearful. Easy going. May over power a newbie as he is determined to get what he wants (at this age). All pups can be molded.

first pup born wed 14th 2021. blue collar. white elly button. w/tip tail. boss pup. 2 f/paws white. sm w/r rear toes. dark skin. sm muzzle. wide head. tri gold sable. w/chest. large broad long tail. big feet. 

1-12-21  This is a great companion family dog. He is too much into himself for my liking. He is busy in the mind and the pick of the litter male as far as all around temperament goes for a companion dog. He is too smart and too busy for me. He is LOVABLE and likes everyone though cautious at this age. He doesnt like lap theraphy only because he doesnt know how great it really is yet. Once he 'gets it' he will love it, but.. no one can keep him down for long as he wants to be his own boss. Strong willed. He will need to be TOLD what he can and can not do. He will be demanded to do lap therapy before he leaves me and he will give me at least 5 min of it. He must be told this as lap therapy can not be passed up. it is necessary to 'calm' a pup down. He can and WILL settle his butt down and take it!  it is not going to kill him to do as i tell him to!  So you see you must handle him at this young age and he will give in, just give him a reward and he will follow you anywhere. He is bold, not fearful (but cautious at this age). He is a dire wolf but not of the coloring that i desire. so he is up for sale.

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