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Obedience Certificates

The American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration

The American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration was established in 1983 in an effort to improve opportunities for mixed-breed dogs and to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of their handlers in obedience and agility competition. AMBOR provides support to these handlers and affirms the accomplishments of mixed-breeds in all avenues of service to mankind.

AMBOR was founded in 1983 in New Prague, Minnesota, by Mona Marshall in response to a growing number of handlers who wished to show their mixed-breeds in competition. At the time few opportunities existed, most of which consisted primarily of local matches, and no governing organization to issue obedience or agility titles. AMBOR was the first organization to offer titles for mixed-breeds and the first to recognize handlers for their efforts in the ring.

In 1990 AMBOR worked with the Illini Obedience Association to gain entry for mixed-breeds into the prestigious Gaines Regional and Classic competitions, which highlights the top teams in the country. In 1994 an agreement was reached with the United Kennel Club for entry of mixed-breeds into UKC events throughout the country.

In 2003, with the assistance of NADAC, AMBOR began offering AMBOR-sanctioned agility trials across the country. AMBOR also implemented a national mixed-breed ranking system that is derived from these sanctioned agility trials, as well as national obedience and agility ranking systems for those that compete in UKC events.

Today, AMBOR dogs can show at ASCA(Australian Shepherd Club of America) shows, UKC events, AMBOR-sanctioned agility trials and local events hosted by training clubs. In 2002 AMBOR held the first ever mixed-breed national championship in Indianapolis, and we hope to continue those events.

Please note: AMBOR does not advocate the breeding of mixed-breed dogs, cross-breeding of purebred dogs or conformation showing of mixed-breed animals. AMBOR does not maintain a list of mixed-breed breeders and has no such information available.

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