The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Our Facilities

A video tour by Jennifer Stoeckl

Our Kennels

are under new construction. We shall get more up to date photo's soon

This is a side view of the kennels (which are NOT really kennels). When talking with me you kind of have to think out of the box, so to speak. Our Kennels are not really kennels like you would see in the city or at a dog shelter. Our kennels are not small cages/runs. Our dogs live in a "PACK" situation and all the doors are mostly left open. The entire Kennels are about 1 acre of land that is mowed and cared for. There is a stream running through the property and what runs we do have are there for our pregnant bitches or dogs who have a problem with another dog. Since our dogs run together they live in that Pack mentality and they have a hierarchy situation going on.

Because we have two grown males that we are going to keep, I have just divided the pack into two packs and I will not be allowing the two mature males to be together unless I am around. This is for the health and protection of all concerned.

I also have a top female dog who is pretty aggressive and I have separated her as she has never learned to give in and rather than put up with it, I have just left her in her own large 200x200 ft kennel.

All water buckets have mint growing around them and straw is used in the kennels during the winter.

In the summer we string hoses over the tops of the kennels and leave the spray on. We have lilac bushes, apple trees, nut trees and shade trees throughout the kennels. As we grow I will continue to plant more trees along the perimeter of the kennels. The barn is being turned into a whelping/grooming/hospital and office area so I can be closer to the dogs at all times.

Some of you want to know what I use on the ground. Most of the ground is in grass and I have a John Deere Lawn Tractor that does the work of keeping the area clean and cut. The rest of the kennels up by the house are dirt and straw. I use a rototiller in the spring/summer to soften the dirt and i will add sawdust or hulls. The best thing to do is to dig down about 2 feet and put about one foot of pea gravel and sand down and then use sawdust mixed with top soil or granite. This will give you a better drainage than what I have at this time. We are on a sloping, rolling pasture land so the water does run off naturally.

In April 2015 we began a new layout to our kennels/farm and pack perimeters. We are expanding the area of freedom and adding chain link kennel runs in order to separate any dogs that are having issues with other dogs, or new dogs, or new pups being introduced into the pack.

I shall upload photos soon.

We have been putting in a lot of crushed granite because of all the rain and the clay soil. This is the back yard of the house and the trailer where guests stay. Some of the Kennels where we keep pups are behind the Elm tree.

   The puppy kennels behind the Elm tree are now a solid crushed granite which keeps everyone from getting so muddy. This enclosure is 20 x 30 and has an over hang and den as well as straw bales. 
   The back enclosure is 50 feet long x 30 feet wide and has a den, over hang and bushes. This is where the breeding takes place
   All our kennels are now monitored in the office on computers.

This is the south east side of the property and on the side of the barn. This area totals about an acre. We are in the process of fencing the entire 2 acres and we still need to take down some fences and expand, meanwhile, the dogs have been housed in 80 x 10 and 80 x 20 runs with shade cloth and extra large dog houses. We spread tons of granite back here so that we could keep the dogs out of the mud and water.
  During the summer the temperature rises into the three digits! 105 is blazing and sometimes it gets up to 112. We have sprinklers and misters on constantly and have planted a couple dozen trees, grape vines and tomato plants near the runs.

Some of our new baby trees on the south side of the kennels. You can see the shadow of the trees. When they get tall they will shade the entire kennel area.


 Grape vines and Tomato plants are up in containers next to the kennels.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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