The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Pookah Hocus Pocus

Hocus pocus
Von Boss

# BFM3001-3   (F-2) Female
Born: 9-14-17

Conformation: 10
weight: 125
Temperament: 7
too friendly!!!

Intelligence: 10+
Trainability: 10
Prey Drive: 9

Scores as of: 2-25-19

Siblings:  Poohka;  Voldimort (Orion); Elvira; Count; Cruella


Notes on Pookah:

9-14-17:   Birth Notes: small pup. brownish brindle sable. no white. reverse black legs. blk points.

11-1-17: 100 lbs? black silver sable. nice dark points. black skin. too narrow head. light  weight. beautiful pup.

11-15-17:  Friendliest pup in the litter. Outgoing, loving, kind. Maybe too friendly for me. Will do fine with kids and strangers.  Some prey drive. 

12-22-17: Pookah has matured into a very nice pup. Sensitive in emotions but rock solid in stature. Submissive in the pack. But number 2 in a pack of her siblings of three as she gains confidence from her Brother Orion over the outcast Shenanigan pup Dorian.

5-2-18: Too friendly. Too hyper for me. Not standoffish enough.

Playful pup and bossy. 


9-14-17 Born
11-1-17 evict +
11-5-17 DHALP + CVK
11-15-17 DHALP+PV
12-1-17 WORMED

 3-1-18 wormed
6-1-18 wormed
7-1-18 Da2Hlp+pv
7-14-18 Should have come into first heat?

1-1-2019 Should have come into second heat?
1-1-19 wormed
7-1-19 Should come into third heat?
8-1-19 wormed
9-5-19 Did not get pregnant
9-5-19 SOLD


Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Intelligence (process of thought) 10+
   Pitch of/Vocal sounds 4
   Barking 6
   Whining and talking back 10
   Prey drive 8
   Chewing 6
   Swallowing stuff 10
   Dominance/aggression towards humans 10
   Challenging owner/trainer 10
   Child friendly 10
   Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 10
   Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals  
   Soft/hard bite (mouth) 10
   Touch sensitivity 8
   Emotional sensitivity 8
   Sound sensitivity 8
   Ease of training for the average person 8
   Velcro (not wanting to wander) 6
   Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 8
   Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 8
   Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 10
   Eating of feces 10
   Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 7
   Sloppy drinking 7
   Age of life  
   Heath issues  
   Retrieving or carrying objects 7
   Digging 6
   Conformation 10
   girth 9
   Eyes 9
   Ears 5
   Nose 9
   Girth of Skull 10
   Length of Tail 10
   Feet 10
   Neck 10
   Topline 10
   Gait 10


Pedigree Chart

Boss Hammer 
(not AA)
(not AA)
Blossom Rainier Mal
(not aa)
Minerva (f-1)
(not enough AA)
(gsd like)
Lexi (gsd)
(not AA)
(not AA)
(not AA)

For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

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