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PTSD dogs

PTSD dogs

There are a number of tasks the dogs can be taught to support those with PTSD including
1. Help with medication reminders,
2. Disorientation,
3. Directional challenges, and
4. Keeping track of time.


Working dogs are 'driven' to tasks, they WANT to do for you, they ENJOY doing Jobs... Companion dogs are just who they are and they can help in many cases, but the training and expectations of the Schwarz Companion Dogs are not the same. You can NOT train a Schwarz Dog like you can a Working dog.

For PTSD service dogs
 Our dogs can be taught to respond to sounds such as door bells, smoke alarms, or other noises. 

Relief from emotional overload and caring for the service dog can offer:
. consistency in a daily routine,
. offering increased independence and
. providing a buffer against apathy,
. low mental energy and
. unwanted attention
in public places.

Schwarz PTSD Service Dogs Tasks and Abilities
Assistance in Medical Crisis
Answer Doorbell
Assist to Rise and Steady Patient
Carrying Medical Supplies
Treatment Related Assistance
Timed Medication Reminder
Help Coping With Medication Side Effects
Alert Partner In Time of Distress
Alert To emergency Like Smoke Alarm
Assistance Coping With Emotional Overload
Provide Tactile Stimulation To Disrupt Overload
Wake For Work Or School
Combat Sedative Effects
Prevent and Combat Emotional Overload In Workplace
Public Panic Prevention
Security Enhancement Tasks
Support In Coping With Fear Of Intruder
Assist In Escape Strategy
Light Up Dark Room

Schwarz Dogs Provide Peace Of Mind
In order to adequately provide you with the right pup, we would need to speak with you so that we can appropriately address your concerns.  

PTSD service dogs are primarily used for Veterans or children with a history of trauma. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to everyone in the family, not just the individual coping with a stress disorder.


The Look of your PTSD dog is an EXTREAMILY IMPORTANT

If you are afraid of being hurt or attacked, then you might want a very scary looking dog.
If you are an introvert and do NOT want people around you
then you need:

1. Ears UP,
2. Black dogs or dark dogs with black skin and points such as black around the ears and black muzzles
3.Yellow eyes that stare at strangers
4. Large girthy dogs
5. Dogs that are more alert to sounds, noises and movement.

   Our dogs can do this, but they do it at a more mellow pace as they are not 'working dogs' but companion dogs. You might need to go to another breed of dog such as a German Shepherd if you need more energy in a support dog for you. Or you could get one of our outcrosses from the GSD lines.

You also must have VELCRO in this dog as most dogs with this type of temperaement are bold and inquisitive and that is not really what you want or need. You do want a bolder dog, but not a highly bold dog. You want a dog to stand its ground, to not be intemidated by others. A touch of protection in the background of this dogs ancestors is what is needed.

   Because barking dogs are the number one nusaince, you must have a dog that only barks on command or when in direct danger.

The breeds that bark more than the Am Alsatian are: Anatolian, GSD, Pyreneese and the Irish Wolfhound. So you might want a touch of that in your dog.

  Have you thought of the Doberman, or the Malinois? These might also work for you and are much more 'working' than our laid back dogs.


If you need to learn how to rejoin society, to walk through crowds and work or live in the city, then you will need a dog with:

1. down ears
2. slow and easy going temperament
3. friendlier dog but not too outgoing, more standoffish but not fearful.
4. Light in color, but not a hairy beast
5. short to med coat maybe even tight curly coat.
6. fluffier looking but not a shedder
7. No drooling or slobbering so you want a closed mouth/lip dog, but not a tight lip or too closed.
8. You want girth in the muzzle and body. (no pointed muzzles)
9. Darker eyes not scary eyes.
10. Smaller dogs that are not fearful looking.

Consider the Mastiff outcrosses of our dogs as they are friendlier. 

You might also consider the following Breeds: Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doodles, Cocker spaniels, King Charles spaniel, Shihtzu mixes or Poodle mixes.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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