The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Puppy Care Sheet

The following is an excerpt from the book

"Handbook for New Puppy Owners"
by Lois Schwarz


What we fed your puppy:      PMI  HIGH PROTIEN KIBBLES AS A BASE FOOD.

You may use any kibbles that which state “chicken” or any meat and or meat-by-products as the very first ingredient. Must be the first ingredient!

  • 2 EGGS
  • VIT. C AND B

                Put the above ingredients in your blender. Liquefy. Add over kibbles.  Put the left over soupy mixture in the refrigerator.

Times daily to feed:  (Very young up 3 or 4 times a day)          twice a day until 7 months old.

Nutritional Supplements:

  1. Vitamins  C and B vitamins are needed for large dogs.
  2. Calcium - must be given for large dogs!
  3. Skin and coat conditioner - lanitone
  4. Nutrical – not necessary unless you feel your dog is not getting enough proper nutrition. This is an excellent product which I use for pups that are dying or who are in trouble health wise. For dramatic worm infestation on the system etc…


                Young puppies should be fed two, three or four times a day and then gradually cut down from there. Hard, crunchy food as well as soft food should be fed to help insure strong, healthy teeth. The supplements should be added daily according to the label instructions. It is very important that you do not change the diet your new puppy is used to. Keep an eye on your pup’s stools. Dairy products may cause severe diarrhea. Feeding cheese will harden up a soft stool. Fresh room temperature water should be available up until 6:00 pm. If you will be training your pup to potty outside.


When feeding these Dogs -  Do not free feed. Our dogs need to grow 100 lbs in one year and they need to eat so here is what I do:

I first feed kibbles of a good quality all he can eat. When he leaves the dish with out any distractions, he is done. Remember how much he ate.

Take the bowl away and now add your additives. Add a blender mixture of about 1 tablespoon of this gravy over the kibbles and mix it in. Let him eat.. when he is done, pick the dish up, now...

Add the chopped up meat and mix that into the gravy and pour this over the kibbles. Because some dogs pick the meat out, I will put the meat in the blended gravy and mix it in the kibbles. The gravy is made out of (eggs,Lanatone, vitamins, bone meal, alfalfa, wheat germ, cottage cheese, yogurt or what ever I can find..)

Yes,I want the dog to gorge. It is all right for our dogs to gorge. It is what canines do. They are not human and they do not do things like we do. As he gets older he can stop gorging but as a puppy, puppies gorge and eat all they can till their bellies are popping. Then they sleep.

When he gets up, he will have to go out side and he will poop a lot.  about 30 min later, he may poop again. One hour later he may poop again.  And he will sleep.

Feed your puppy four times a day when you first get him, then three times a day. continue twice a day for a whole year, then you can go once a day. Once a day, a dog/canine, will gorge the meat. They may pick berries, grapes, rotten apples, grubs, dirt, and water from streams, but when they attack an animal for meat, they gorge then sleep.

They are most active in cool weather and at night. During the heat of the day, they sleep.

Think like a canne, remember he comes from many thousands of years off the Dire Wolves ancestral tree.

So, most of all, I FEED my puppies. I MAKE them eat, then I feed them again...

If you FREE FEED, the dog gets use to having his food anytime he wants, it also makes the dog become less dependent on you.


  •     Piddle pads
  •     Stain and odor remover
  •     vari kennel
  •     indoor and outdoor repellent
  •     wire exercise kennel

Keep food, water, bed (vari kennel) and piddle pad in a small wire fenced area. Take the puppy to piddle pad or out doors after each meal and when waking from naps! Use stain remover on accidents so pup will not be attracted back to the same spots.




  1. collar and leash
  2. fetch ball or fetch toy
  3. tie out


  1. latex dog toys
  2. rawhide chews
  3. crunchers
  4. milk bones


  •     Dishes
  •     Bed
  •     Sweater/coat
  •     Stain proof placement mat
  •     Identification tag or chip
  •     Baby Play pen
  •     News papers
  •     Training book
  •     Breed book “The Alsatian Alsatian” by Lois E. Schwarz

Puppy Check off list for the new puppy owner

We hope this list will help the purchase of your pup go as smoothly as possible.

  1.     _____You have done your homework and have read up on all information pertaining to the rare breed the “Alsatian Shepalute”. You have asked questions and have gotten favorable answers.
  2.     _____You have purchased the book “The Alsatian Shepalute” from Author House over the internet or have downloaded the E-Book.
  3.     _____You have paid your 100.00 deposit and have received a receipt. Now you wait for the pup of your choice.
  4.     _____You have gotten photos of the moms and dads and you have chosen you pup with these parents in mind. Perhaps you have hung these photos on the refrigerator.
  5.     _____You have gotten photos of the puppy and /or other older litter mates so that you will have a good idea of what your puppy will look like.
  6.     _____You have received a conformation E-mail giving you a choice to pick your pup or to forfeit and you have written the breeder back as to which pup your deposit will go on.
  7.     _____You have received an E-mail declaring the price of the pup, have made your decision, and are going forward in the purchase of said pup.
  8.     _____You know that the transportation of said pup is up to you (the buyer) and the price of the pup does not include the shipping fees or the crate fee. (You will be contacted about the cost of the transportation and crate costs). You have checked on the prices yourself and have E-mailed any thoughts for discussion. No puppy will be shipped if all costs are not paid. If the pup was paid for and the shipping not paid for, the pup will be held for a period of thirty days only. Your money will be transferred on to another puppy of your choice if you cannot pay for the transportation at this time and that particular pup will be placed up for sale. You will be given a second chance and all monies paid will be held over to the next pup of your choice (perhaps out of another litter).You will receive a pup of your choice as soon as one is available and when you have paid all transportation fees then that pup will be shipped. We will help you all we can but we will not ship any pup whose transportation fees have not been paid in advance. If the pup you had chosen sells, we will refund the money you paid less any outstanding fees we had encored.
  9.     _____You have gotten information on both the stud and the dam (mom and dad) such as pedigrees and/or individual charts/information that the breeder might have so that you can make an educated decision on weather or not you wish to go forward into a contractual agreement to purchase this pup.
  10.     _____you have received your special contract to purchase said pup, have read it, made any corrections in it and have sent a signed copy of the agreement back to the breeder/owner of the pup for her signature. This is a legal and binding contract now is the time to forfeit if you feel anything is not right, you are not ready, or that this is not the pup for you. DO NOT SIGN THIS CONTRACT IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS THAT THIS IS NOT THE PUP FOR YOU!
  11.     _____You are sure you are ready for a new pup in your life and you have signed the contract. We are going forward. The breeder has signed the contract and we are in a legal and binding agreement for the purchase of said pup and the sale of said pup. YOU HAVE KEPT A COPY OF THE SIGNED CONTRACT.
  12.     _____You have sent the cost of the pup to the breeder/owner in the form of a money order (or check if it will clear in time) or via Western Union.
  13.     _____You have received an E-mail receipt of the purchase price of the pup.
  14.     _____You have contacted a veterinarian.
  15.     _____ You have purchased a puppy gate and or have made provisions for where the pup will live while learning its new surroundings. You have purchased any foods, vitamins, raw frozen meat, canned meats, and kibbles.
  16.     _____You have purchased training books and/or have inquired about the training techniques.
  17.     _____You have joined the NASC forum or other dog chat rooms to learn more about canine behavior.
  18.     _____You have told the breeder/owner the day in which you would like to receive your pup and the breeder/owner has E-mailed you back as to the best day and time for the pup to be shipped. The breeder will take the pup to the vet, purchase a crate, and purchase the airline ticket.
  19.     _____You have sent the last payment fee for the crate and the transportation costs. The breeder owner has emailed you a receipt for those last fees.
  20.     _____The breeder/owner has sent you an email to make sure you are ready for your new pup to arrive at the designated site and you will be there to pick the pup up!
  21.     _____You have picked the pup up, let it out of the crate to go potty, looked the pup over and have called or E-mailed the owner/breeder to let them know you have received your pup.
  22.     _____You have gone to the vet to get a physical and puppy check up to be sure the pup is in excellent health!

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

Books by Lois E. Schwarz