The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Puppy Interest Application

Buying a puppy from us can be broken into five basic steps:

  1.     Research breeds of dogs
  2.     Introduce yourself to the breeder (below)
  3.     Join the Am-Alsatian community on Facebook (more research!)
  4.     Place a deposit (to get on the waiting list)
  5.     Wait.

Research many breeds of dogs and figure out which ones best suit your schedule and lifestyle. 

If the American Alsatian sounds like it might be the dog breed for you (or you'd just like to know more about the breed), introduce yourself to me by completing the following application and I will get back to you.
(If you have any trouble with the form, you can email the information to me directly at  )

Puppy Interest Application
(copy and paste the following into your word program or into your Email)

E-Mail Address:
Phone Number:
Your complete address including the zip code
You are older than 18 years of age
Do you have a DD214?
Own or Rent your home?
How long have you lived at the above address? * (required)
Where do you work and what type of work do you do?
Have you ever been arrested?
Do you have any children?

Please list all animals that you have now.
Please list all of the animals that YOU have owned in your life time.
Have you ever taken any Dog or Puppy Training Classes? Please describe
What does it mean to Jerk and Release?
Have you ever used a choke collar?
Will you hire a dog trainer? or train the dog yourself?

How tall or heavy are you? Will you be able to handle a large or giant dog?
How many pounds do you think your new dog should weigh as an adult? 
How old will you be when the dog is 12 ?  Would you be able to lift him/her into the car/van?

Describe your property (yard)

What you will use the dog for? do you want a tad bit of security in your pup/dog?  Are you afraid of your life, or of attacks, or burglaries? Do you walk alone and need a dog that appears to be feared a bit?  Do you have ptsd or other issues?

Do you jog?
Do you go camping with your dog?
Do you want a dog that likes water sports?
Do you have a lot of strangers and friends over? 

Are you capable of taking care of a long coat, or should you get a shorter coat?

The American Alsatian doesn’t like to be left alone when young. Describe the first 6 months of this puppy's living arrangements, please.
Will you crate train your puppy?
What sex do you prefer and why?
Will you neuter your pup? At what age? Why or Why not?
What coloring do you prefer?

Name three (3) major airports close to where you live (unless you are coming/driving to pick your pup up)
First Choice: 
Second Choice:
Third Choice:

Schwarz Dogs are not bred to be Service dogs

    With that said, many of my dogs are being used as service dogs.  If you want a service dog/pup, its up to you to train him.  I don't sell service pups so I wont sign a contract for one.   This does not mean that your Schwarz dog/pup wont make a grrreat one!
    So, tell you what...  for all you folks that want a Schwarz Dog as a service dog, let me know what tasks you would like the dog to perform, so that I can get to know you and your needs. You can do that in the 'getting to know you' puppy interest form above.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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