The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Replacement Dog Contract

This is the BASIC contract and can be modified
Add this to your contract if you need a replacement pup
This pup is being bought as:
Replacement pup/dog ___REPLACEMENT PUP CONTRACT

Part One: Seller's Information

Kennels Name: Schwarz Kennels     Sellers Name: Lois E. Schwarz    Seller’s Address: 4175 Winnetka rd. White City, Or. 97503      Phone: 541 301-9671        E-Mail:
Hereinafter referred to as “Breeder/Seller”.

Part Two: Replacement pups New Owner (picking up the pup) 

Name:    _______________________         Address:   ____________________________
Phone:   _______________    _______________
E-Mail   _________________________________________________
Hereinafter known as: "New Owner"


The seller has on this date __________  promised to replace the dog known as: ____________, with the Pup/Dog described below:


Breed:   American Alsatian    date of birth  _______________    Male
description of pup/dog:  ________________________________
Sire's information: _________________________
Dam's information:_________________________________
Amount and date Paid for the original (sick/dead) pup/dog:  ___________________
Cost difference between the original pup and the replacement pup/dog is:  ____________

Total difference in price of said pup and amount owed is: ________________________
(Shipping and transportation fees are not the responsibility of the Breeder and are not included in the sale of this pup/dog)

Note:  this pup is a replacement pup and the only requirements for this contract to these new owners are: that All transportation (including crate and dishes) be provided by the new owner or paid for by the new owner.

Seller Warrants and Agrees:

  1. Seller Lois Schwarz is the lawful owner of the dam, and has full legal right to sell its offspring.
  2. The puppy/dog is sound in body and good health at the time of the sale. The puppy has had its first inoculation for parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, adenovirus and Para influenza.
    Sellers refer all questions regarding inoculations and worming to qualified veterinarians.
  3. This pup is a replacement pup, there are no more replacements for replacements, but if this pup should have any detrimental issues of health in which this pup needs to be put to sleep. We shall see what can be done to help.


  1. This dog shall be maintained and kept under the personal control of the Buyer, and this dog shall be given adequate housing, food, veterinary care, basic obedience training and shall in no manner be mistreated or neglected.
  2. This puppy is a replacement pup/dog and is described as a pet or companion dog (not show nor breeding quality), and he/she shall not be used for breeding!
  3. To keep us Schwarz Kennels informed of this pups health and death when it comes, for our paper work and for the breed.

This pup/dog will be of the same quality or more than> the initial or first pup/dog but NEVER less.
This pup is guaranteed to be free of any Detrimental life threatening genetic ailments to the best of the breeders knowledge and no moneys or replacements will be due after this dog/pup; as this is the replacement for the first pup/dog.
If the breeder so wishes she/he may take back this dog/pup and replace it once again or not.

Absolutely no monies will be refunded and if a replacement of this particular dog/pup is necessary, this dog must be returned to the breeder at all cost to the buyer and at NO time shall this pup be killed or given away to anyone but the breeder.
Buyer/Owner:  ______________________________   date  ____________
Breeder: _______________________________  date  ____________

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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