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  • Handbook for new Puppy Owners

    Handbook for
    New Puppy Owners

    An easy to understand care and training guide. The author, Lois Schwarz, takes you step by step, foot by foot through a teaching process that is so simple you will wonder why no one ever told you about this! This is a MUST for any dog lover!

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  • The American Alsatian

    The American Alsatian

    Want a really beautiful and healthy breed of dog?
    If you are thinking about bringing a new puppy into your family, then check out this breed ! And before you commit, do the work ! Research the breed. Buy this book to help you understand the total breed. Educate thoroughly before you buy your new puppy.

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Schwarz Books

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More Books by Lois E. Schwarz

Coming Soon!

The Dog Breed Guide Book
by L.E. Schwarz

The consumer's research breed book for the TRUTH about the breeds!

Want the real TRUTH about a breed? Forget about those breed books that are nice, talk nice and are politically correct!  Lois, as always, tells it like it is!  She loves all breeds of dogs, but doesnt meance words as she tells you how they really are. No one pays her to be nice!

Canine Genetics
by L.E. Schwarz

This is a short report (110 pages) of Lois's Breeding Program with easy to understand explanations and drawings.  Lois doesn't use the traditional way of understanding genetics but has her own 'sliding' gene theory.
   This paper had to be printed and copywrited asap to prevent others from claiming her theories for breeding and genetics.   This Schwarz Theory of breeding and genetics doesnt jive with the conventional ways of thinking. Lois had to wrap her mind around it to find an easier way of communicating and thinking about this complex topic so that readers and Breeders could use this way and have it make sense.
    The Ultimate Companion Dog Volumes goes forward from this small short book and completes it.  If this book intreges you and you wish to fully understand this new way of looking at things, please wait for the volumes to follow... and keep in touch!

The Ultimate Companion Dog
by L.E. Schwarz

This is a 6 volume set of books which includes the Breeders Test written by Lois Schwarz for the NASC.  This set of books is the first real breeding guide lines and education for novice breeders of its kind!

    Not yet finished, these books shall come out by the spring of 2010