The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project


The Schwarz Service Dogs!

Service dogs need a special look in order to be ACCEPTED in public and to the public.

Standards of the Schwarz Service Dog:

    1.) longivity of life and health

                   A service dog must give his/her owner a long healthy life for service work. 
                   Training is hard, time consuming and a long life is necessary for the human owner.

    2.) Intelect

                    A service dog must be intellegent enough to think a situation out if called upon when their owner is down or incapable of giving orders or guidence. 

    3.) 30 - 50 lbs

                  A service dog must be 'invisible' and fit under chairs and tables
                  A service dog must be easy to lift and or carry

    4.) Working dog attitude and desire

                  A service dog must be 'velcro' to his/her owner and must enjoy fetch and carry work

    5.) Single coat or Flat Coat

                    A service dog must have a coat that is easy to care for 
                    A service dogs coat must be short enough to be accepted in food areas
                    A service dogs coat must not shed or should only shed slightly.

    6.) Hold and retreive

                    Many service dogs need to be bold enough to hold objects in their mouths
                    Many service dogs must fetch objects of different shapes and textures
                    A service dogs mouth is a necessary consernable trait

    7.) Drop ears

                     Drop ears make a service dog appear to be a friendly approachable animal
                     Drop eared dogs are more acceptable to the public in which looks are important

    8.) Light in color of coat

                    A service dog must be accepted within large and small groups of humans and lighter colors of coat are more accepted in public than darker coats.

The following dogs will be used for breeding our Service Dogs:

   The Outcross English Mastiffs will be the foundation lines for the dogs/pups that i will be concentrating on for disable persons or persons in need.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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