The Schwarz Kennels

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Von Boss

BFS3002-4 (F-3) Female

Born: 9-17-17
Conformation: 10
weight: 70 lbs
Temperament: 9
Intelligence: 9
Trainability: 9
Prey Drive:  9

Scores as of: 9-14-18

SIBLINGS: Ipkiss; Milo; Crayola; Coco; Dorian; Cameron; Butterfly

Boss (F-2) x Dorian (F-3)

Whelped 9-12-18

The Sister to Stanely Ipkiss
I figure this gal to live up to 13 years.

The sire to Dorian
Should live to 11 yrs

About This Litter: (F-3/F-4)

Boss being the dad. We are doubling up on the Boss side of the genes. See the pedigree:

Less than 50% mal, gsd
All breeds in this dog are very low%

Hammer (F-1) Wood
Pure Am Alsatian
old lines
Autumn Ch. Zorro
13 generations Am Alsatian
 Concentrated old lines

Dna showed
Mal, gsd, lab, sib, staff

Boss (F-2) Hammer (F-1)


Finnegan (ROM)
American Alsatian old lines

Keeping Ch. Zorro in the pedigree of three generations and doubling my other favorite bitch Autumn years. This will bring me a nice set of pups with maybe 1 pup showing the IW Hammer side. Hopefully we get the Autumn and zorro side, which i am sure we will. That is the pup i shall choose of course and the temperaments should be spot on for intellect.

Some of the best pups are Dorian + siblings for Special Needs


winnie the phoo

Notes, Scores, & Prices

Scores and Prices will fluctuate during the evaluation period

Pups Photos

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Health Notes


Von Boss



light Silver Sable w/blk points
blk nose at birth
estimate: 110 lbs

Dorians Reflections of Autumn
Von boss



Silver Sable w/blk points
blk nose at birth
estimate: 90 lbs

Dorians Silver 
brackon Von Boss


Silver Sable blk/points
lightest pup in litter
Black nose at birth
Estimate; 90lbs

Dorians Ashdown Forest
von Boss



Silver Sable blk/points
Darkest pup in litter
blk nose at birth
Estimate: 90 lbs

Notes on Dorian:

10-17-17  might keep this gal also

10-22-17:  We will be keeping this  gal. Very Large pup



03-12-18:  Minds her own business. Doesnt need to tell others that she is the boss, she is the boss!   She doesnt 'play' with the dogs or pups, she is too MATURE for them. She is also a thinker and they are beneath her.
   She will fight  any pup for a bone or a chew toy.
   She is watchful of me because she doesnt trust me. She learned  fast to keep out from under my feet and has never been close enough to be a problem to me at all. She stays her distance. She sits and watches. doesnt come up to me.
   I took her out (captured her) and put her on a choke and leash. She fought it, but learned that i was a lover, when i called her and she was to come. She HATED it. Only took a short time for her to 'deside' that it was in her best interest to 'come' over to me when i called her. 
   She continues to stay away from me, not even coming for food. This will all pass as she matures, i am in no hurry for her to figure out that she is welcome to come to me when i sit or ask her to. She will be a GREAT DOG..


Note to self:  Do NOT sell this pup




Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Intelligence (process of thought) 10
   Pitch of/Vocal sounds 10
   Barking 10
   Whining and talking back 10
   Prey drive 10
   Chewing 9
   Swallowing stuff 10
   Dominance/aggression towards humans 10+
not  afraid of humans but watchful
   Challenging owner/trainer 10
   Child friendly 10
Perfectly where i want her
is not thrilled with them
   Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 10
top dog in her kennels
does not  care for dogs
   Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 10 
doesnt care about them
   Soft/hard bite (mouth) 10
   Touch sensitivity 10
a tad 
   Emotional sensitivity 10
yes, remembers everything
   Sound sensitivity 10
   Ease of training for the average person 10
too smart for the average
   Velcro (not wanting to wander) 7
   Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 10+
   Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 8
   Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 5
yes, stubborn, but i dont mind
   Eating of feces 10
   Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 9
   Sloppy drinking 10
   Age of life 13-18
   Heath issues 10
   Retrieving or carrying objects 10
   Digging 10
   Conformation 9
too short in length
   girth 10+
   Eyes 8
   Ears 9
   Nose 10
   Girth of Skull 10
   Length of Tail 10+
   Feet 9
   Neck 10
   Topline 10
   Gait 10


Pedigree Chart

Boss (F-2) Hammer (F-1) Wood
Blossom (F-1) Mount Rainier
Shennanigan (F-2) Finnigan (F-2) Lobo/Otis
Summer Rain
Teegan (F-1) Storm

For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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