The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project

Stud Contract

Schwarz Kennels

Stud Contract


_______________________________________ (hereafter "Stud Owner") and


____________________________________ (hereafter "Bitch Owner") hereby agree to the following terms concerning the breeding of the two dogs listed below:

Stud Name: ____________________________    Call Name: _____________________________

Registration number ________________________                 Dob: _________________________

Bitch Name: ________________________________ Call Name: _____________________________

Sire: ___________________________ Age: ____________ Registration Number: _______________

The Bitch Owner will pay the Stud Owner a total fee of (one pup, fourth pick).

The Stud Owner will deliver or send the Stud to Schwarz Kennels and will leave the Stud in Schwarz Kennel’s care for no longer than 18 (eighteen) days. Schwarz Kennels will provide any medication or special dietary requirements for the Stud. Schwarz Kennel’s will provide shelter, care and sustenance for the duration of the Stud's stay.

A successful litter is defined as 4 (four) or more pups born alive and living for at least 7 days. If a successful litter does not occur, the bitch will be bred during her next season, provided that the Stud Owner is notified within 8 days of the failure to whelp. If the second attempt fails, the contract will be considered void.

The Stud Owner and the Bitch Owner verify that their respective dogs are capable of breeding and do not suffer from any contagious conditions (including but not limited to parasites, rabies, DHL or Parvovirus).



Stud owner’s Signature Date



Bitch owner’s Signature Date

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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