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1. Well Written - (I gave the author a score of  8 out of 10 points)
The  organization is excellent and easy to follow.  Builds upon previous chapters well while each chapter still maintains a solid degree of "self-containment."  To me this means that if I had to look back on a specific chapter for specific information, I wouldn't have to re-read everything before it, though it would still help.

2. Easy to read - ( This Handbook scores a big 10 in my opinion)
Very easy to follow, and felt conversational the entire way through.  Very good 'flow.'  I felt you did a great job of bringing some of the more complex subjects such as new pups and dog psychology down to a level where someone with limited academic knowledge about the subject could very easily understand, and you did it without leaving out any information, too.

3. knowledgeable - ( The author recieves a large  10 points here)
Definitely.   The knowledge this author has gained by her experience shows up very well.  After reading both books one would have a very difficult time considering Lois anything other than an expert in this area.

4. truthful - 10
Same reasoning as the breed book.  This question and #3 are the most important to me. 

5. how long did it take you to read?
Same, about six to eight hours.

To: Lois Schwarz <schwarzkennels@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jul 29, 2011 5:14 am

Hi Lois!

I loved the book! You were right, I finished it in an afternoon and then went back and re read the training exercises again. A lot of it sounded pretty familiar with what I've done before in terms of training, the LOTS of rewarding, how to make them sit/lay down, and the heeling exercises too, although I've never gone that in-depth, just so that the dog doesn't pull and walks quietly beside me. I'm definitely excited to try some of them, I think I may give it a shot on my friend's puppy, since *someone* needs to! (He's one of those folks that just lets the dog do what he wants "because he's a puppy" but it's part German Shepherd and pretty big, so he really really needs to get him some better manners). I told him about your book, so I may be lending it out and hopefully helping him get a much better behaved pet. I hope we stay in touch, I very much enjoy writing to you and hearing about your dogs and reading the book and stories of the Alsatians on your site. I hope all is well with you and maybe the heat's dropped a bit so you're all more comfortable!

Best, Sarah

 Veterinarian Dr. Addington of the Crater Animal Clinic said that this handbook was the most intense and highly specific training book and handbook that he has ever read!  Dr. Addington is around 60 yrs old and has a lot of experience as a Vet.

Dear Lois,
I got both PDF books ($19.00ea) in excellent condition and I am already in trouble; even though I am supposed to cook supper tonight, I can not let go of the Training book, that captivating it is.