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and the Dire Wolf Project

The Rock

River's Black Rock of Ages von Hammer
# HR2001-2   (F-2)     Male
(3 zorro's in 4 generations)

Whelped: October 20, 2015

  • Conformation: 8 short in body
  • Temperament: 9 very aware; independant
  • Intelligence: 10+
  • Trainability: 10 too smart for you
  • Prey Drive: 4  (does have some)

3 Giant "Greyhawks Mount "Rainier" in a three generation pedigree!


10-25-2015 BIRTH NOTES: appears to be a black dire wolf !   hmmm, amazing. I still say he has the graying gene.  we shall see.

This pup is a nice pup. easy going and takes after river in temperament and personality. a gentle pup. hungry. some brindling up front legs that may be more prominent as he grows. Strong in body. long in body. good breeder pup except for the legs bones could be larger all around. SHORT TAIL which is what we need in the breed. black med/short coat. talks.  

good conformation, very wolf like in bones/structure. if he has the yellow eyes he will make great pictures.

standing on all legs. strong. absolutely no bone or hip issues. should be an agile dog living up to 14?

11-1-15   Almost totally black, this pup appears to be using his noggin already.

hungry pup. good conformation. sm leg bones. long in body. short tail. some brindling up front legs. appears to be a rare solid black.  med/short/coat.

We have not had a solid black wolf pup before. if he stays this way, he will be a first.

would like one breed back if possible.. (stud)

11-14-15:  First one out of the den  

11-19-15: always the first one out. very curious and un afraid of most things. his curiosity over rides his fear. He is bold and will come right back after a set back.   This pup will need to be neutered early.  I suggest a novice trainer.  This pup can be trained to protect the family and belongings VERY EASILY so watch how you train him. socialize him and let him know that humans are nice. give humans chicken to give to him. Neuter at 7 or 8 months and don't let anyone tell you not to.

This pup will make a fantastic family dog. He is sensitive enough with intelligence to learn anything you throw at him. He is a thinker, so let him think.

This pup MUST go to a home that will utilize this brain. must teach him things as he is a sponge waiting to learn. train early and keep training.

11-22-15 first bath and change of environment as I brought them all into the house. He loved his towel drying off. got his toenails done and stayed in my lap the whole time, not fussing one bit. hugged up to me and into the towel. I brushed him with a small slicker brush and there was no noise nor obstination. He was a perfect 10.

11-24-15  I shall probably kick myself in the rear for selling this boy.

7/31/16  Glad i never sold him. Will not sell him now.  He is settling down into his adult self and is a stallion as i expected him to be. He is our only strong line through River and back to the giant Malamute Rainier and our lovely Hammer!

will look like this  (see if i was correct, scroll down)
example ofwhat Rock will look like as an adult

5 months

5 months

puppy 5 months old

Rock & Flower, Sept 2016 (image credit:Jade Hope)

9 months old


11-19-15 evict
12/5/15 panacur 13.8lbs
12/6&7 panacur
12-10-15 dhalp+cvk
1-2-16 da2p+pV (distemper,adenovirus2,parainfluenza,parvo modified live ser UY-300-063A Exp19May16
1-11-16 nemex 2

Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Vocal Sounds: 9+
   Barking: 10 
   Prey drive: 10
   Chewing: 10
   Aggression towards humans: 10 (none)
   Aggression towards other dogs: unaltered 7; altered 10
   Aggression towards smaller animals: unaltered 8; altered 10
   Soft/Hard bite (mouth): soft 8/9
   Touch sensitivity: 10 none
   Sound sensitivity: 10 none
  Conformation: 8 too short in body
   Eyes: 10 (standards)
   Ears: 9
   Nose: 10
   Skull: 8
   Neck: 9
   Topline: 9
   Gait: 9


Pedigree Chart

Woodrow Wilson
(Irish Wolfhound x Malamute)

Greyhawk's Mt. Rainier
(AKC Giant Malamute)
(AKC Irish Wolfhound)
Nadine ROM
slv/gry 26" 105lbs
Stormy River
Vallecito's Storm
(F-1) (finn?)
GreyHawk's Mt. Rainier
(AKC Giant Malamute)
Nadine ROM
Cherry Blossom

GreyHawk's Mt. Rainier
(AKC Giant Malamute)
Autumn Years

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