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Top Secret "Topper"

Top Secret
Color: cream/black mask

# GS3001-2  (F-2)     Male 


  • Conformation:  8  (Too thin)
  • weight: 98
  • Temperament: 7
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Trainability: 10
  • Prey Drive: 8
  • Scores as of: 6-13-18
  • SIBLINGS: Lotus, James Bond, Goldfinger, 

Notes:  SOLD  7-18-19

6-1-18 Got Topper from Jennifer during the Colorado get together.

6-13-18: Picky eater not needing much food

2-12-19  Topper
I want to talk about Topper. There is a lot of gsd and Anatolian Pyrenees and the Am Alsatian in him. This dog can work schutzhund and be very good at biting any attacker out of both fear and bold. He would not bark a lot unless trained to. He doesn’t really like confrontation either, but could learn to like it I suppose. This guy is a loaded gun. This guy is extremely smart and can and would be able to ‘sense’ the bad guy and attack and tear them up.

This dog is not for the average Joe. Not only do you have to be a top dog, but you have to know how to communicate and be soft at the same time. You must be a ‘smart’ person. You must be able to figure things out, pay attention and be able to accurately correct any issues with the dog. A lot of people could not have this dog, until he is properly trained. See, he did not come into this world knowing how to communicate with people, no dog does. They do try, but when my dogs can NOT communicate to their owners in what I call the “universal language’ these dogs with this kind of genetic background, would have to be put down. They NEED a ground. They need an owner that can communicate.

Now let me also tell you that I love this kind of a dog. Most dogs are too weak for me and I am too overbearing for most animals. I am loud and have a Sargent type commanding voice and I am quick with my responses, not even thinking sometimes being an automatic animal trainer in which my brain has figured stuff out before I do. This comes with over 60 years of being with animals of all kinds and studying them. I can’t help it.

When I got Topper (beings he is my stud dog and will not be going to a home any time soon) I did not put any time into him. He just lived here on the farm in kennels and mainly by himself and then he was introduced to some nice dogs one at a time in his kennel. This did not go well because Topper is also a Sargent of a dog. Too over powering in character and temperament, though he is a very sweet dog, no one would know it.

He has been here about 7 months now and has learned who I am. He has been watching me. I have not really communicated with him but for to tell him to move out of the way and to eat his dinner. I am not a very talkative person either, so Top and I have not had a ‘relationship’ of any kind. This has made him leary of me, which he was in the beginning and this has just been solidifying. Topper has no life but me and I am not a ‘loving’ kind of gal. I am standoffish and down to business and a doer, well so is this guy.

Just recently I have been having time to sit and get to know him. When I sit down, he gets very happy. He wants to come to me but we do not have that kind of relationship, so he jumps around and runs from one side of the kennel to the next. He runs past me and wiggles his butt and jumps high over stuff. He is excited. He refuses to look at me in the face and will not give me his head. He started presenting me his butt, just out of reach and he also did the same thing to strangers in his kennel. Not really getting close enough.
So before I feed him, he must come to me when I call and come into my legs and get hugged around the neck. I called him (without a leash on) and he did not come. My fault, so I picked up a long stick and discussed this matter with him. He went inside a dog house when I trapped him. I put the stick down and once again told him to come, and then grabbed his choke collar and gentle jerked and released and he came cautiously to me. I then walked him to a bench sat down and told him he was good. Petted him and hugged him, all while he was not looking at me and his head and shoulders were not facing me.  I Told him he was a good boy and said “OK” for the end of the session. Asked him where his dish was as he knows that. Fed him.

This went on now for about 3 days training and today he came into my legs and allowed me to hug and bring his face and eye to meet mine without any incidents. Had I forced this on him at day one, this dog would have resented it and not gotten the ‘good’ out of it that I needed him to feel. There are some dogs that don’t care and can be forced and still love you back. This guy is a thinker and he ‘over thinks’ everything.

He is therefore, ‘standoffish’ to a great extent. Minds his own business and is not at all pushy. He is ‘velcro’ in that I see the WANT to be attached to me but he did not know how to achieve that with me. He respects me and he listens to me very well.

He has been trained to the leash or else he figured this out very fast. He doesn’t like the choke “jerk’ and is touch sensitive so that training was very easy. He is like a horse with the leash with only a gentle tug or movement of the leash, he corrects himself instantly. I do not require that a dog be exactly heel trained to my side. I allow my dogs to investigate just do not pull the leash. Be aware of where he is at all times and this dog does. He is very aware.

Topper is not socialized and knows nothing of the stuff in the world only the farm and its going on’s. I have walked him on leash once or twice. Today the trash truck came while we were on a walk and it did freak him out as it was only 10 feet away on the road and coming at a clip. He wanted to flee, but a jerk and a command and he knew immediately where his ‘safety’ was, he was right beside me and sitting. There was an INSTANT figured this out from him.

I feel EXTREAMLY safe with this dog, even though he is not really trained. If he were trained, I would have no fear to go anywhere with him, but I am overly cautious in a way that this dog is a loaded gun and would protect me out of instinct. He does need further training to understand things that might come into our life if presented with a threat. Like a human boxer in the ring needs to practice and to learn what is expected in certain situations. This dog learns quick and easy.

Like I said this is not a dog for the ‘average’ Joe. I do not believe I could ever rehome him. Is there someone that would be able to take him? It would take an awful lot of patience and love and… the ability to have this dog ‘trust’ you and respect you. This dog can not ever be allowed to run his own life his way unless he was a herd protection dog and I don’t know if he would like that kind of a job. He is not real hyper or ‘active’ either. He fits me and the farm very well.

So when breeding this dog, i will be able to put 'smarts, paying attention, standoffishness, mind your own business' into the pups.



Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Intelligence (process of thought) 10+
   Pitch of/Vocal sounds 9
   Barking 9
   Whining and talking back 10
   Prey drive 7
   Chewing 9
   Swallowing stuff 9
   Dominance/aggression towards humans 9
   Challenging owner/trainer 10
   Child friendly 8
   Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 10
   Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 9
   Soft/hard bite (mouth) 9
   Touch sensitivity 9
is touch sensitive
   Emotional sensitivity 10
is emotionally sensitive
   Sound sensitivity 10
doesnt care
   Ease of training for the average person 7
too smart for most
   Velcro (not wanting to wander) 8
10 if trained properly
   Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 9
   Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 9
   Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 10
wants to please
   Eating of feces 10
   Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 10
   Sloppy drinking 10
   Age of life 14?
   Heath issues  
   Retrieving or carrying objects 10
would play ball if trained
   Digging 5
does dig
   Conformation 8
too thin
excellent coat
   girth 8
too thin
   Eyes 10
lovely yellow
   Ears 8
floppy and large
throws up ears
   Nose 9
   Girth of Skull 8
   Length of Tail 8
longish/curls somewhat
   Feet 8
too small
   Neck 9
   Topline 10
   Gait 10


Pedigree Chart

For Topper
Grinch (F-3)
yellow eyes
Creamish blk points
yellow eyes
Storm (F-1)
Dollar (F-1)
Skye (F-2)
American Alsatian
Lobo (F-5)
silver gray/blk
Summer Rain (F-1)
Shennara (F-2)
Cream blk points
Cream blk points
Lexi (unknown pedigree)
siberian, gsd, pyrenees?
tall / thin

For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

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