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Transporting Your Puppy FAQ

1.  When you ship your puppies to their new homes, how traumatic is the flight experience for them?   It's not. Our pups don't get traumatized. Our pups have been chosen from test scores which include traumatizing pups by slamming down a stack of books, throwing penny cans, keys and shooting off guns. Pups that do not pass this test are sold cheaper than all the others as well as my comments on that pups page in our web site. After 20 yrs of breeding we have no Alsatians that are sound sensitive. Touch sensitivity was done the same way. We tested our pups for touch sensitivity and recorded the observations on each pups page.

2. Are they given something to calm them prior to the flight?   No.

3. Do they recover fairly quickly or is it case by case?  Each pup varies in the test scores and we post all scores. If the flight bothers them at all, they will be over it when you open the kennel door.

4. Have there been any cases of injury during the trip?  One time out of 15 years. There was an older female who just came out of surgery (neutering) in which the airlines restrictions (peta demands) called for a larger cage than I recommended. Since I am only the Breeder who has over 30 yrs experience and should know how much space to give a dog/pup, my advice doesn't count and I had to use a larger crate. This crate had too much room in it and the dog slid around. She came out on the other end with a couple of raw spots on her thigh and legs. I was told the wound was about 2 inches x 1 inch but was not too serious.

5. Do you have a rough estimate what it would cost to ship a puppy from your kennel to Denver, Colorado?  300.00   All animals are shipped as cargo, the price depends on the size of the crate and the weight.

6. How often do you have puppies available or do you only breed them when you have sufficent deposits to warrant a litter?  I breed for myself.  This means that I breed for a pup for my next generation or to complete the breed standards. Always better than what the parents are.  This year (2012) I plan to have 8 litters of pups. 2019 4 litters.

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