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Health Certificates

Health Certificate Requirements

A health certificate is a form that is filled out by my veterinarian before a pup can be shipped. It is required by law to accompany live animals when shipping them.

If you pick your pup up, there is not requirement for a health certificate..

A health Certificate is not a guarentee of health for the life of the pup or dog.  It is information that the federal government wants and needs so they can track breeders. They say it is to prevent sickness and disease from spreading.

What the veterinarian is looking for is any signs of sickness that could be spread and lead to an epidemic.

Is your pet healthy?

The person shipping the dog/pup must check the pup/dog into a veterinarian to be sure that the pet is fit to travel.

Health Certificates were set up as federal Law because of contagious deseases and the spread of such. As long as the animal appears healthy to the best of the Veternarians Proff. opinion, the pup can be transported.

The shipper will need a health certificate in order to comply with state and federal laws.

If your pet is traveling via cargo, the certificate must be issued no more than 10 days before departure.

There are about five copies of this certificate. one is for the Feds, which the vet will mail, the other is for the vet.  the rest go with the breeder to the air port.

The air lines will keep the other two copies and if the breeder wishes one, she must make a copy for herself.

The health certificate goes in a see through packet and is attached to the crate.

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