The Schwarz Kennels

and the Dire Wolf Project


You are welcome to come and get your pup !


  You are welcome to visit our farm and kennels to view our pups any time!  Here you can experience the noble parents of your new puppy and their aunt's uncles or cousins. All your training questions can be asked and answered personally.  You may purchase used crates, big or small.  You can purchase new crates, the smallest ones run 30.00 each.   The largest size runs 120.00.  You can visit our small pet store and purchase Leashes, collars, bowls, sweaters and hand painted fine china depicting this rare breed.  You can also purchase a personally autographed breed book "The American Alsatian".  

Please call 1- 541-538-9855 to make plans.


We are happy to E-mail any pictures! And love to talk Alsatians!  Our E-mail address is: or just click on the bottom of the page E-mail icon and a blank letter should pop up.  Just fill it out and send it to us.


If we are required to ship your large dog or pup out of Portland Air Port, this will require us to drive all the way up to Portland to put your pup on a flight. The only reason that we would need to go that far, would be if you did not choose a young 8 wk old pup, or your larger dog or pup couldnt fit into a small crate and be shipped out of Medford Airport.

If we are meeting you in person to pick up the puppy, the final payment needs to be in cash.

If you are not able to pick up your puppy when it is time to go (or pay for the balance or shipping) the puppy goes back up for sale.

If you pay for the puppy (and shipping if required) in full but are not able to pick it up at the due date we do charge boarding fees.


   On occasion we have been asked to meet people to pick up their puppies. We can do this for an added expense, ONLY IF we are available.

   We are very busy with kennel chores, family and jobs. Our charge for traveling to meet buyers is 40 cents per mile. Our mileage is determined by “map quest” to and from White City, Oregon and of course we charge round trip. All of these costs will be discussed with you, before we make the trip. We will NOT meet anyone that has not put a deposit on their puppy prior to the trip. We also ask for traveling expenses before we travel.

Boarding fees:

If you are not able to pick up your puppy that you have put a deposit on, when he/she is eight weeks old (give or take a couple days), you will be charged $3.00 a day for boarding fees, unless your puppy is not able to travel due to size or some other unforeseen reason. The boarding fees will need to be paid before you receive the puppy. Remember, if you are not able to pick up your puppy and pay the balance in full, you will lose your non-refundable deposit and the puppy goes back up for sale.


 Our puppies are eating Red Flannel Puppy, ONE chicken and rice; IAMS puppy; Puppy Chow and a sample of it will accompany your puppy!

If you would want us to travel to your home, or a place where you could meet us, then apply the following chart for our fees which will be added to the cost of your pup.

Location          Total miles          Fee

Eugene            340                  119.00 

Bend              340                  135.00 (because of roads and mountains)

Pendleton         900                  315.00

San Francisco     900                  315.00

Seattle           900                  315.00

Spokane WA.      1180                  413.00

Vancouver, BC    1180                  413.00

Denver Co.       2500                  875.00


If two people are requiring a dog in the same locale, they may share the cost of transportation and this may be of some help to a lot of folks as fuel is so expensive nowadays.

When delivering your pup by car we will bring the mother and father and or relatives of the pup for you to examine.  We will also bring extra equipment and breed books for you if you wish to purchase one.  You may wish to bring a camera.  We like to meet at a rest area or familiar sites or a burger king along the way.

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

Books by Lois E. Schwarz