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The following information on this page are PREDICTIONS of what might be as I gaze into my crystal ball.
 EXAMPLES of APPROXIMATELY what my plans are.


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Future Plans 2018


Saigon x Mr Q

Spring pups 2018

About This Litter:

Same as Pearl x Boss litter:  F-3's
Large, 150 - 180 lbs at maturity

Black when born. dorsal black strips down back. Black tips of tails. Solid colors, Brindles. Golds, reds, dark skin. black points. black muzzles. Some white patches on chest, some white toes.
150-200 lbs
drop ears (positions 2 and 3)     brown or light brown eyes.  Should not be any drewlers. mouths should be more tight than hanging. muzzles will not be as short as the mastiff. heads will be large with too deep of a stop for me.
Coats, short/med should grow as they mature.

Saigon has three Rainiers in her three generations. 
This breeding will bring back the more dosile, lazy companion dog.


Bellatix x Capone (or Boss)

Summer 2018

About This Litter:

Capone pups: All pups will be dark black at birth.
body should lighten up on the majority of pups.
All pups will be silver gray sablewith black masks and yellow eyes.

All pups will have yellow eyes.
All ears will be up.

at maturity weight should be 130-160 lbs


          Saigon x Boss   (Fall 2018)



About this litter:


Spring/Summer 2018


About This Litter:




About This Litter:





About This Litter:



About This Litter:




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