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The following information on this page are PREDICTIONS of what might be as I gaze into my crystal ball.
 EXAMPLES of APPROXIMATELY what my plans are.


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Future Plans 2019-2020

Yukon x Anastasia

Bred 9-9-19 (should whelp 11/10/19)

Fall 2019

Boss x Vegas

Boss x Elwin

Quentin x Stella
(Should Whelp 12-1-19?)

Stella (Topper x Saigon)

Winston (Mr Q x Saigon)

Suki Su x Winston

Topper x Saigon

Mr Q x Saigon

About This Litter: (F-2)

Why: Doubling up on Saigon to phase out the English Mastiff but keep all the stuff for the Dire Wolf. Very girthy pups with large heads.
Ears: none will be flat down. Most will be mixed and wonky. Some may go up.
Eyes: orange and light browns
Coat: med length with undercoats. thick in winter. Easy to care for coats. Coats will get longer with age.
Colors: Variety of brindle/sables with Black skin and points.Blk tip of tail, black masks, black pads.
Weight at maturity: 120-130- 150
Temperaments: Slowing down the SuSu side. Clownish, curious and into too much stuff as a pup. Train young as they will be too large to train when they are older, so.. the pup should act like an adult or else. Intellegent. Some might be too stubborn, use treats. Feed all pups very well with extra vitamins and minerals and bone meal until they are 15 months old. Large bones. Large heads. Large feet. As adults these pups will turn out to be the best dogs you have ever owned. Great family dogs. Love to go on outings. Most will love people. Cats ok. kids ok and small animals ok.
Price: 3 thousand and up

I shall be keeping all of the females and one male

Winston (F-1)

Mr Q English Mastiff
English Mastiff
Saigon F-2 Finnegan

Sukie Su F-3
Sold to: Tricia

Topper Grinch
Am Alsatian

Saigon F-2

Am Alsatian
Swan (140)

Tootles x Quinten

December heat (feb pups) 2020

Boss x Pearl

Mr Q  x Saigon

About This Litter:

Why: I want to depleat the IW from the pedigree as much as possible, but keep the wire scruf coat for a more wolfy look. I also need to keep girth in the pups out of Toodles as she will throw thin if i do not. Thin is dominate. Feet, thin and small are dominate, so this breeding will push the large feet forward in the pups. Long muzzles are also dominate, so this mating will keep the shorter muzzles. So we get drop ears.. big deal.. The other stuff is so much more important because once lost i can not get girth or large feet or short muzzle, but i can get up ears at anytime. So i am sacrificing up ears. All pups will have funny ears, or drop ears.

Temperaments will be great here. the lovability and likeability in toodles will bring for the confidence and aloof/standoffishness of the Mastiff lines. Great temperaments. I might have a few, too loving and a few too hyper for my taste. Just modify those pups behavior with training. 

Weight: Pups will be very large, say about 130 - 180?

Ears: drop - funny.   Muzzle: short and clean. one pup might have a bit of whisker but no whiskers is dominate so i doubt any will have whiskers like the iw.  
Coat: med length and thick in winter. Dire Wolfish coats. No furnishings on legs or paws.
Price: 3000.00 depending on how many pups are born. should be 12 pups, then price will go down to about 1500.00 each. My pick pups will be 7k. I will choose 2 to keep and might sell one of those?

I shall be keeping all of the females

Quentin/Winston Mr Q English Mastiff
English Mastiff
Saigon Finnegan
Am Alsatian
Swan (IW)

Tootles (F-1)

Boss Hammer (IW)
Am Alsatian


Am Alsatian
Swan (IW)


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