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The following information on this page are PREDICTIONS of what might be as I gaze into my crystal ball.
 EXAMPLES of APPROXIMATELY what my plans are.

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Future Plans 2021


Lori   x  Cetus

(Dire Wolf Project)
          Mulan x Qleann    
Triton X Darla

About This Litter: 

About this breeding: 
Why breed these two? Combining the mastiff lines to keep the laid back temperaments.
Ears: Weak and up (erect)
Eyes: med-light
Weight: 100 lbs - 120 lbs
Height: Med/tall
Muzzle: Black
Coat texture: soft - med. undercoat should be 50/50
Coat colors:  Reds, silvers, creams, with black tips. Black skin. White leggins and white spotting.
Bones/Conformation: medium - large
Temperaments: variety. standoffish to bold

Elsie x Pepper
(Fox Project)

Winston x Stella  

Winston x Stella
(Whelped May 25, 2021)

About This Litter:

Why breed these two? This is a Brother Sister breeding, the closest of all breedings and is being done on purpose. This is to beget small size dominate and to 'set' all Fox like dominate genes going forward. Will this cause issues in some of the pups? The percentage is low because all prodigy going back is far enough out of the direct upline. IF..... I were doing this with PUREBRED dogs in which they are already a gazillion inbred animals, the percentage of having issues would be VERY high. Not to worry. This breeding will give us ALL probablities 
Ears: 80 % up and strong
Eyes: yellow
Feet: small
Weight: At maturity i expect mostly 80 lb some smaller, one, maybe two larger.
Height: Med to small
Muzzle: black
Coat texture: Coarse and short - med
Coat colors: Silver, cream and light reds. all pups will be black at birth. All pups should have black skin. Spotting is dominat so some may have spotting.
Bones/Conformation: med - small.
Temperaments: Hyper for the most part. Small thin bones are ALWAYS connected to a more energetic dog. Very aware and intellegent. 

Lello X Cetus

Mulan X Qleana

Triton X Darla

Lucy X Cetus

(DireWolf Project)

Mulan x Qleanna
Triton X Darla

About This Litter:

Why breed these two? because a lot of folks want more large wolf looking dogs
Ears: up some weak.
Eyes: lighter than Lucy's
Feet: Small - large
Weight: at maturity: 129 lbs.  Some pups might not hit 100 lbs. One or two might make it to 140lbs
Height:  med tall to smallish
Muzzle: black
Coat texture: Just like both parents. Med to short in length. 50/50 undercoat/top coat
Coat colors: Light creams sables with black tips. Black at birth
Bones/Conformation: med to heavy. Conformation, better than parents. perfect.
Temperaments: Variety but all intellegent. Some more working or more energetic than others.

Penny X Pepper

(Dire Wolf Project)

Naga x Qleanna

Triton X Darla

About This Litter:

Why breed these two? This is the litter i am looking for. I want to KEEP the black silver brindle camaflage look.
Ears: up and downish and weak some funny
Feet: large - med
Weight: 130 ish Some smaller. Some might only get 100 lbs
Height: med sized dogs
Muzzle: black
Coat texture: softish - wireish. too much undercoat? 60/40? Coats will be plush.
Coat colors: variety of colors. Brindles, dark reverse, to reds to creams. all will have black tips. black skin.
Bones/Conformation: heavy enough. med thick. Conformation better than parents.
Temperaments: Bold for the most part. too independence in a few. some standoffish. lovable, devoted to family. some more watch dogs. 

Chibi x Pepper

(Fox Project)
Tied May 23 - 25th
Due: July 25th, 2021

Mulan x Susu

Winston x Stella

About This Litter:

Why breed these two?  I am excited to get a litter out of Chibi. Even though she is a total pain in the butt. She has all the genes i want and need so i shall be keeping her.
Ears: ERECT......... all pups up ears at a very young age.
Eyes: YELLOW.... All pups will have yellow eyes.
Feet: Med/small
Weight: 80-129 some might be smaller, one or two larger.
Height: Small/med tall
Muzzle: All muzzles black
Coat texture: dire wolfish, some soft.
Coat colors: light colors with black skin and black tips
Bones/Conformation: heavy but thinner. Conformation spot on.
Temperaments: Pains in the butts for the most part. More energetic than dire wolves. highly intellegent. some standoffish and more sensitive. Some barking, whynning?  But can learn to be quiet. Too hot a dog for first timers. Highly alert. vecro and all family guard type dogs. One or two might be overly friendly? Most will be standoffish.

Ellura X Pepper

(Fox Project)
Lonestar x Anastasia
       Winston x Stella

About This Litter:

Why breed these two
Coat texture: 
Coat colors

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