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Vulpes Fox Project diary


  7-1-20:  We have chosen some pups for this project from our Stella x Winston litter born: June 2020.

We may not use them or we may. First we must continue watching them as they mature. The Coats are the most important to capture as Ticking is very hard to get and keep. I have been adding this 'ticking' into my Alsatian Dire Wolves for over 30 years, always on the back burner. In this project i shall push the importance of coat up to the forefront.

Arlington blue Male

Mia Pink Female

Elsie Purple Female

Logan "Pepper" Male


Male Stud:  Stella's Logan "Pepper"   

von Winston

As with all my breedings for the past 30 years, i focus on many aspects of genetic appeal as you cannot just focus on one subject such as 'coat'. The bone structure must be addressed as well as the size of the dogs but... which is more important? 

The most important in this beginning process is coat because since i am using the smallest Dire wolf pups that have not come out large, i have cut my work and time down immensly. Really, this should not take me too long as most of my dogs already have the required temperaments of: NO BARKING, NO hyper, super intellegence and now the ticking is coming along.. So i only need to choose a handful of outcrosses to bring in missing characteristics and keep the size down.

I have also only kept the smaller heads with pointed muzzles. As this is a dominate feature, it will only take 2 generations to fix this trait.

9-4-20:  Looks like we have Winston's big ears. Large ears are dominate but i shall try to reduce them as i choose pups.
Stella's pups are getting LARGER than what i wanted, so i shall interbreed to reduce size more.

Scandinavian Gene Symbol System: 
AA - Red 
BB - Silver 
CC - Albino 
GG - Burgundy 
PP - Pearl 
SS - Mansfield Pearl 
RR - Radium 
ww - White Series

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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