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and the Dire Wolf Project

Waiting List


WAITING is hard to do


List of Depositor's
that are waiting to choose a pup
SCROLL DOWN to find it


When you make a $600.00 deposit (as of 1-1-16), the day you deposited your Six hundred dollars is your 'pick date'. This date is your date forever, until you get your pup.

All dates before you, choose a pup before you.
All dates after you must wait until you pick your pup. (Those folks i do not hear from WILL get skipped over)

Now, here is where the mystery comes in:
1. I get to keep (for myself) at least one pup in a litter, sometimes I must choose two pups. They are mine. You can not have them.

2. Some of the folks above you in line, may 'pass up' all the pups and wait for the next litter. If this happens, the list magically shifts and may go all the way down to the very last person on the list.
So when will you get a pup? Maybe this spring? Maybe this fall.

(Please email me if your name is not up here and you made a deposit)
You have a choice of any litter.
You MUST make your choice when the pup turns six weeks old, no exceptions.
You can let me know at any time before that if you are 'interested' in a pup.

If you do not let me know on that date, you will be PASSED up.
It is your responsibility to contact me and your responsibility to know your pick date.. thanks for understanding ~Lois




Folks that are
'waiting on the side lines'
are in the first couple of boxes


Your list is further down, scroll down please.

You have been placed on the side lines for a variety of reasons

1. You have not contacted me in a very long time
2. You don't want a pup until you move
3. Your situation has changed and you are not ready
4. You are waiting for the right pup or Replacement pup

It is up to YOU to Let me know when you are ready

If you are on the side lines and you are ready,
you NEED me to remove you from the side lines!
Contact me !


Let me know who you are interested in
and i will add your name beside the puppy of your choice.




Its up to YOU
to let me know when you are ready

Waiting on the side


Waiting on the side

Boyer (male)10-12-11

Got a female from me it died.
urinal issues. 

Chris Hartman10-18-11
Kim Nichols


Cook 3-12

Roy Hewson2-14-12
(just emailed me4-4-14)

Kelli 2/4-9-12
(second deposit)
Your ok


having a baby, will try next year. (No need to email me, we will be waiting to find a pup for you soon.)




Carol Conliff 7-13-13
(second pup)

Michelle R 05-01-13


(assistance dog)
already got pup



Waiting on the side


Waiting on the side


JoanKorygoski1-10-14 N.J..

#2Janice Coleman 7-1-14

When I see her, I will message you
(Velcro friendly200.00deposit)
Saigon pup

HalPetri9-10-14 (healthylongivitylg/docile)
Krista (2nd pup) 7-17-14 (waiting)
Jill Hamer is in here somewhere (second pup)
JDBurgan5-5-14 spoken WA
JCWork8-1-14 (no contact)
(loveable lap Velcro)(?)
George Gereg12-5-14
female,Laid back (?)
Alexis AdanGarcia Green calif/2014

Brenda Torrey3-31-15
ready in 2019(300pd)
camping/travling friendly
cats. long coat
male/female big dog

10-6-15 (waiting)

Jade Hope 4-13-15
Adoption adult)


Kelly B.McMahan10-25-15
(waiting until next year)

bought an anitolian waiting 2017
Aussieman5-27-15 (Australia)

Angelina Carr 1-9-16

Kate Serdy 6-9-16


Schyler Cox (300)6-10-16

Jessica Allen3-1-16(300.00)
waiting for a move

(third deposit)

Jolene ziegler 10-18 (600) Mastiff
pup must not be too expensive 2k?



This is the infamous mystery
  'LIST '  
of folks waiting for a pup.

It is your responsibility

to contact me when your name comes up.


If your name is in BOLD
you must contact me NOW !!!  



SCHWARZ Waiting List of Depositors
This is the

(If your name is in bold
FACEBOOK message me)


Dondi Ratliff (whenever you are ready)
Hirsch9-27-13(bought Pandora's Trump out of zorro 6-11-11)calif
Molinari10-9-13 dire wolf silver ylw(already got a pup)
Breman11-21-13 I/AA(already got a pup)
Tennison?swan/Finn YES    MALE DARK SILVER SABLE    RUN AND PLAY BALL (came to see me 3-23-16)

CindyJoe PayPal 7/22/14 Jen
(bought a gsd schutzhund has three other dogs)
Luke Hickok3-1-15
NadiaDorsey3-23-15   vermont (already got a pup)
McCrackenJune 6th 2015 (jens list)
Moelgaard060515 gotpup


BillWathen6-24-2015 (jendeposit)291.00

Susan Stritter Russell June 2015

Katherine kreis 7-5-15 300.00 (jens list paypal)

(Capone pup?)


Lauren and Nick-PaulDubae9-7-15


BethanyTysonBalling 9-21-15
KamraeElder300.0011-23-15?   waiting list



Dawn Offutt 12-28-15(300)   2nd deposit

blk male june 2018

got one dog put 2 deposits down


Male dire wolf

M&M Beaulieu4-28-16(600)
gray silver sable.bought a gsd 6-6-16
LornaPaige(600)10-01-16   med/longcoatgstypemale100lbs   flowerchildsweet  shepherdlook med/longcoat

CarolinaWilson: 5-31-16(600)
corona or Boss x pearl
co-own meCarolinaWilson: (600)5-31-16gan


Male   intimidating large dog 1st dog   Saigon pup?

Rachel Evans6-4-16 (600)Canada
has young child

KianaHarris 8-13-16 (600)
has white gsd

SabraAbate(600)11-1-16 Corona or Shenanigan (college kids)bought corona pup

Emotionalsupportptsd ambassador
Tashina (600)12-5-16

TomGennaro(600)12-12-16 stabilitydog61yrs


Sherri Tibeau
Michael Richards(600)1-20-17


PetePuleo(600.00) 2-29-17

DaughterPuleo(600.00) 2-29-17
Cobb (600.00)4-15-17 lost check

Stuart Parker(600) 4-19-17
ptsd therepy pup



Eric&Carolyn Harbort(600.00)5-27-17

Chan Stephanie(600.00)Jenslist6-17-17
Jennifer Kavanegh(600.00)8-1-17

Jody-Lynn Jenisse(1100)jen8-6-17
wants Harpo or Shenara

will be making payments

Pettra Broen(600)8-7-17
NNelson(600)8-7-17 got his pup
Loren larkin 600.00 aug 17th 2017did she get her dog?

Alicia Singh8-24-17(jen)
KateSpecht9-24-17(jen) got her pup from me jan2018 50.00payments?

Tammy Warren(600)10-20-17
Diane Parana (600)jen 10-30-17
Victoria PAVLICEK11-2-17(600) this gal no more dogs from me. liar cheat vegas pheonix got her dog
Eric Harbort dd214

MichelleLeupitz12-26-17(600) oregon
bought blk barbie returned her

Alberto Jaramillo (600)Jenslist 12- 27-17
Carrie Taguchi (600.00) 12-28-17 calif
bought a dog


Sean Whitenton (600) got his  baccardi pup

Roberta Govoni (600.00) mt 1-20-18
Monique/DevenBossert (600)3-6-19

Layla Bush 03-19-18 (600.00)
great person needs service dog mastiff f-2

Greg Bowgowski (600) 4-4-18

Karisha Del Roseria (1,000.00)4-26-18
westhousej (600)4-23-18bought pup out of mr q x saigon
Malinda Bassett
5-3-18 (600)jen
160lb+ solid black/gray sm white ok. Yellow eyes. talker ok

Scott blasz07/30/18 (600)
Dire wolf for son (in waiting)

Brian Baumgartner (jen)8-14-18
Holly W 600.00 + 700.00 Owes 770.00
Goldman 8-16-18 (600)

Godfather 8-22-17 (600)

Kittyang8-24-18 (600.00)

Diane Porter (600.00) 10-20-18
very large dark dire wolf with yellow eyes up ears

Wayne Whitt (600.00) 11-2-18

ShannonKelly11-3-18 (300.00)
I paid the 600.00deposit off for stormy their last dog biting and put to sleep

William/christine cumpston (600.00) 11-30-18

Susan/Frank Turner (600.00) 12-19-18
Julie Achord 12-27-18 jen (600.00)
bought a pup out of the Sela litter


Robert Anderson (600.00) 2-20-19Jenslist
Jo Maldonado(600) 3-4-19
service dog mobility support
karii murphy (600) 3*9-19

Ben Higgins(600)3-10-19Jenslist
Bossert (600)3-6-19
low energy, bookstore dog, male looks not important

TaraMann(1500.00) 3-27-19
bought Buck!!!  7-7-19

DaniSam (600) facebook4-5-19
Large mastiff direwolf male

Stacey Bronsky (jen600) 5-2-19

Tricia Nevin (600) 8-8-19
Sukhoi  Su SUSU...after pups

La'Shea and Serge 06-23-2019 (jens list 600)

Shona Trussel 8-2-19 (600)
service dog Ash x Buck? Balance dog
Kaitlyn Mayall8-26-19 (600)
Logon Taylor 9-9-19 (600)
black/silver large

Megan Meigs9-14-19 (600)

Mitus Francis 9-20-19 (600)

Joe Harder (620.00paypal)10-5-19

TommyHurley 600.00 10-12-19

Michelle Gardne 10-23-19 (600)

Jacob McAanaly 11-9-19(600)

Congrats! you made it here!

If your name is in bold black letters, you are up to pick your pup. Call or email or message me on face book to choose your pup.
No need to contact me if you do NOT want a pup.

Next: friend me on face book please cause I may call your name






Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind

Your $600.00 deposit is your guarantee that I will not place the puppy of your choice with someone else, Only if you choose a pup before the pup is 6 wks old.


A deposit also serves as my guarantee that you will be purchasing one of my puppies therefore a deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable. I will NOT breed if I have no buyers.


The deposit is a down payment on the puppy and this 300.00 will be subtracted from the total cost of your pup. You will be kept up to date with the puppy you have put the deposit on via FACEBOOK.


You will be notified as to the date your puppy is ready to come to its new home. At this time the balance of the puppy and all shipping costs must be paid in full.


We are able to take your deposits and payment via Credit/debit card (add 4% for fees) or Walmart money gram or you may directly deposit into our Schwarz Kennel USBank Account.


 If we are meeting you in person to pick up the puppy, the final payment needs to be in cash.


If you are not able to pick up your puppy when it is time to go (or pay for the balance or shipping) the puppy goes back up for sale.


If you pay for the puppy (and shipping if required) in full but are not able to pick it up at the due date we do charge boarding fees.





   On occasion we have been asked to meet people to pick up their puppies. We can do this for an added expense, ONLY IF we are available.


   We are very busy with kennel chores, family and jobs. Our charge for traveling to meet buyers is 40 cents per mile. Our mileage is determined by “map quest” to and from White City, Oregon and of course we charge round trip. All of these costs will be discussed with you, before we make the trip. We will NOT meet anyone that has not put a deposit on their puppy prior to the trip. We also ask for traveling expenses before we travel.




Boarding fees:


If you are not able to pick up your puppy that you have put a deposit on, when he/she is eight weeks old (give or take a couple days), you will be charged $3.00 a day for boarding fees, unless your puppy is not able to travel due to size or some other unforeseen reason. The boarding fees will need to be paid before you receive the puppy. Remember, if you are not able to pick up your puppy and pay the balance in full, you will lose your non-refundable deposit and the puppy goes back up for sale.






   Our puppies are eating Red Flannel Puppy, ONE chicken and rice; IAMS puppy; Puppy Chow and a sample of it will accompany your puppy!




FYI: When shopping for a puppy:

   Many puppies come from inexperienced breeders. Many don't have vaccinations, preventive medications for things like Guardia, coccidia, kennel cough, fleas, ticks etc. Some do not come with a health guarantee, some come with 24, 36 or 72 hour guarantee some come with 1 or 2 years genetic guarantee, some may come with lifetime guarantee. Some come from licensed and inspected breeders/kennels and some do not.

   A Breeder cannot guarantee you the size and weight of a puppy, they can only give you a guess based on family history.  Puppies like children may or may not look like their parents.  Puppies, like children won't all be the same size. 

  An 8 - 12 week old puppy is not fully house trained.  House training may be started, but a puppy will have to learn, the rules and schedule of the new home. All puppies leaving us have been started on doggie door training and learning to go outside to do their business! Most are doing extremely well when they leave us, take them out the same door to the same spot every time and they will catch on quickly!

   Breeders meeting you off site is not always a warning sign. This could be for his and your protection. I myself, don't like going into strangers homes. There are also a lot of animal rights activist who harass breeders.

   If you have a problem with your new puppy, call the breeder first as soon as you see a problem. Most breeders want to solve a problem before it goes any further.

    When you purchase a puppy, take it immediately to your Veterinarian for a well puppy check up.

    Follow the breeder's directions on feeding and care.

(a) When asking for references, no one will give you names of unhappy customers, so references are not always accurate.

(b) When asking for the name of the breeders Vet. Some Vet's do not want to be bothered with 10 + calls a week asking about a breeder, so many breeders may not want to give out their Vet's information. The privacy act does fall into that category.

(c) When talking to be breeder: Identify yourself, tell them what puppy/breed you are calling about. (Breeders are not mind readers and usually have 10-50 calls a day). Ask questions, do you feel comfortable talking to them? Did they have time for you? Did they answer your questions?

(d) If the breeder is pressuring you, walk away. Nice quality puppies sell themselves.

(e) Most breeders want to build a relationship beyond the sale, we personally LOVE getting updates, progress reports and pictures.

(f) When you do decide on a breeder and puppy, take the puppy directly to your Veterinarian for a well puppy check up.

(g) If you want to continue to have the right to purchase a puppy from the breeder of your choice or the right to own a dog, stay informed, do not allow HSUS, PETA and other Animal Rights activist take this right away. Breeders want animal welfare, healthy happy puppies, dogs and puppies are a loved addition to our families, but do not deserve higher rights than our children. Keep in mind while pets are loved, they are animals and they are not Human Babies.





What you need to know when purchasing a puppy.


1. Buy a puppy that is clean and has a shiny coat, it's an indication of good health.
2. Buy a puppy that has bright pink gums; this is an indication that the puppy is free of parasites or worms.
3. Buy a puppy that has clear eyes, not cloudy.  It is another indication of good health.
4. A puppy’s belly should be in proportion to the rest of its body.... pot bellied is not a good thing.
5. Buy a puppy only if given a written health guarantee.
6. Keep your new puppy warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
7. Don't buy a puppy that you don't really want, hold out for exactly what you are looking for.
8.  Pay someone to help you train your puppy,  if you are unable to do it yourself, this will make you much happier in the long run.
9.  Male puppies usually will not hike their leg if you have them neutered at an early age.
10.  Keep your puppy on several different types of dog food to maintain a healthy immune system throughout its life.
11.  Do not take a new puppy out to the park, or shopping until it is older than 16-20 weeks & has had all of its puppy shots. 
12. Train your puppy to love it's crate this will make both of your lives more enjoyable.
13. When traveling, crate your puppy/dog.
15. Shipping is a safe mode of travel; most puppies tolerate it well. 
16. Ask your breeder if your puppy will blow it's puppy coat as a teenager.  Some breeds lose their puppy hair, and it can be very disturbing if you are not prepared for it to occur. Adding olive oil or salmon oil as top coat to dry feed will help.
17. COCCIDIOSIS:... this is a single celled protozoan that are commonly found in puppies & kittens, but they are not visible to the naked eye; which makes them easy to go undetected.  Albon, Toltrazuril, Ponazuril, or Sulfadimethoxine  is routinely prescribed for prevention and treatment.  These protozoan’s can develop into a problem during stressful periods such as weaning, transport, and relocation, etc.  Some of the first signs that your puppy may be having trouble with coccidia is a bloody, or loose stool, sleeping a lot, hot nose, pale gums, not interested in eating or drinking. Coccidiosis is easily treated & prevented if you know what to look for, and what to do for it.   Treatment should not cost an arm and a leg; if it does......change doctors!
18.  Before spending lots of money at a vet's office call your breeder, and ask if the price is reasonable or even necessary.  Some vets will charge outrageous prices for their medicines or services.  Prices do vary from vet to vet, but there is a major difference between competitive, and rip off!
19. Take all vaccination records to the Vet for your first Well Puppy Check up.
20. Do no change the puppy’s diet for at least 30 days.


Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

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