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Waiting List

img_21162.jpgWAITING is hard to do


Dire Wolf and Vulpes Fox Pups

How it works:
When you fill out the application to adopt one of these beatiful puppies and are approved, your next job is to decide if you want to put down a $600.00 (non-refundable *see below* deposit).
Once your deposit is in, we will then put your name and date of deposit on the waiting list. From there, the magic begins.
As you see, many people have been on the list a LONG time, and either aren't ready, have chosen another dog and are waiting, the right litter hasn't come along or in many cases, these are original owners waiting for their next "family member" to come along. Because our waiting list can "feel" long at times, know that quite often, when you place your deposit, find the right litter, and let us know you want your name on that litter; we will contact those from ealiest deposit to latest as we go through the puppies, and you might get a puppy!
Many ask for an estimated time of getting a puppy... if a litter is born already, and your name is on the list... maybe right then, but maybe up to 6 months depending on what litters God chooses to present us with. :)
If you have additional questions, please contact me and we can chat! or 541-538-8224.

Puppy Application

SCROLL DOWN to find the magic Deposit List

(Please email me if your name is not up here and you made a deposit)

1.  You have a choice of any litter.
2.  You MUST make your choice when the pup turns six weeks old, no exceptions.
3.  You can let me know at any time before that if you are 'interested' in a pup.

4.  It is your responsibility to contact me and your responsibility to know your pick date..



Email me at:
Message me on FaceBook Messenger 'Lois Schwarz'



Its up to YOU
to let me know when you are ready

mystery.jpgThis is the infamous mystery

  'LIST '  
of folks waiting for a pup.

It is your responsibility

to contact me when you are ready for a pup.


If your name is in BOLD

you must contact me NOW !!!  



of Depositors

If your name is in bold
Contact Me:


Please let me know if you want to be REMOVED YOU HAVE 5 YEARS.......

Dondi Ratliff (whenever you are ready) Contact jennifer for travel arrangements.
She will deliver your pup to your door step. mesage me


RobSkoog Emily Kane 8-20-15 (albaqNMexico)
Lauren and Nick - Paul Dubae 9-7-15
T&DSchnell 9-20-15

Kelly B. McMahan 10-25-2015 (300) Waiting
Tempest Mata 12-4-15
Avalon Hernandez 12-20-15 (300) 2nd dog
Ashley and Zach Ryan 12-24-15 (300)
AUSSIE BOY IS BACK 2015 Message me when ready

Angelina Carr 1-9-16

M&M Beaulieu 4-28-16 (638) gray silver sable
Eduardo Rabago Mexico 5-31-16 (600)  xlarge ok
chyRainlight'snith 6-4-16(600) Male intimidating large dog 1st dog
Rachel Evans Alcock 6-4-16 (600) Canada has young child
Kate Serdy 6-9-16  waiting on side
Schyler Cox (300)6-10-16  WAITING ON SIDE

KianaHarris 8-13-16 (600) has white gsd

SabraAbate(600)11-1-16 Corona or Shenanigan (college kids)bought corona pup
JordanNunn(600.00)11-2-16 Emotionalsupportptsd ambassador
Tashina (600)12-5-16
TomGennaro(600)12-12-16 tabilitydog61yrs
Bossert12-29-16( 600)

waiting to settle down
Sherri Tibeau
Michael Richards(600)1-20-17
Dawn Lee 8.22.17 (600.00)
waiting for her husband to say yes bought sophie full price.
DaughterPuleo(600.00) 2-29-17
Cobb (600.00)4-15-17 lost check
Stuart Parker(600) 4-19-17  ptsd therepy pup
Eric&Carolyn Harbort(600.00)5-27-17
Chan Stephanie(600.00)Jenslist6-17-17
Susan Russel 8/4/2017 (600) Jen 2nd Dog
Jennifer Kavanegh(600.00)8-1-17
Pettra Broen(600)8-7-17

Loren larkin 600.00 aug 17th 2017did she get her dog?
Tammy Warren(600)10-20-17
Diane Parana (600)jen 10-30-17
Victoria PAVLICEK11-2-17(600) this gal no more dogs from me. liar cheat vegas pheonix got her dog
Eric Harbort dd214

Alberto Jaramillo (600)Jenslist 12- 27-17
Carrie Taguchi (600.00) 12-28-17 califbought a dog

Layla Bush 03-19-18 (600.00) Replacement
great person needs service dog mastiff f-2

Greg Bowgowski (600) 4-4-18
(waiting) didnt he get a pup?
Malinda Bassett yogi ball 5/3/2018 (600) Jen's List (Have a dog?)
Martin Goldman 8-16-18 (600) (Own Maccabee)
Godfather 8-22-17 (600)
Jolene Ziegler 10-18 (600) Mastiff
Shannon Kelly 11-3-2018 (Have Forge)
pup must not be too expensive 2k?
Karen Kennett Johnson (600.00) 1-14-19

Robert and KRISTA Anderson (600.00) 2-20-19 Jenslist
Wants a pup with YELLOW EYES
karii murphy (600) 3-9-19
Ben Higgins(600) 3-10-19 Jenslist
low energy, bookstore dog, male looks not important

Dani Sam (600) facebook4-5-19 (waiting until feb/march 2021
Large mastiff direwolf male

Tricia Nevin (600) 8-8-19 waiting on side
La'Shea and Serge 06-23-2019 (jens list 600)
Shona Trussel 8-2-19 (600) (waiting on the side)
service dog Ash x Buck? Balance dog (you already got a pup/dog?)

Logon Taylor 9-9-19 (600)
black/silver large  Bought an Auggie Toodles pup2020

Joe Harder((620.00paypal)10-5-19shawna parish)karma pup
Benjamine S (jen) 600.00 10-10-2019
Michelle Gardne 10-23-19 (600)
Brett Gallkowski 11-15-19 (600)
AdamCordell (600) 12-3-19
Maggie Thorn/David Neel (600) 12-7-19/female
Linda/Grant Forster (600)12-21-19
JohnLister12-26-19 (600)
John Lopez priestly (600) 1-1-20
Molly Statczar's (600.00) 1-9-20
Katie Wright (600.00) 1-15-20 on the side
   Sarah Prater Johnson jan 15th 2020 (did i deposit this check? missing)
Ben House 02-09-2020 Jen
Brook Coopman 4-18-20 (600)

Lori shaw 5-6-20 (600)jen?  Waiting on the side maybe 2021
Julia/Patrick M: 05-16-2020 (600.00Jen)
AJ Rodgers 5-18-20 (600)
R. Zeigler 600.00 (shawna) 5-20-20has pup
Javier G: 06-03-2020 got pup from jen

Dan Caraballo paypal 600 6-5-20 wants another dog to go with his

John obert Hong Jens llist (  ?  )
Tammi and Mike McCurdy (600.00) Shawna's waiting list
Kayla Exum (7/2/2020) Jen

Cassie/Matt Schnell: 07-01-2020 (jen) Sela pup pick male white
kip pups only There was another shnell that bought a female from me
Tracy Little 7-8-20 (600) second pup
                   Katlin and Rozz Myall (1200) 7-10-20 waiting on the side bought 2 pups 2020
Anthony p (600) 7-22-20
Camille Sussana ($573.30) 8-12-20
Maik Judka (Keeping Deposit on File-Updated Date) 12/7/2020
bought a pup 2020 paid cash (600.00) Buying Qleanna

George Llewellyn Emily JaniceHelen Bilotti running total=1300.00
(1200.00)8-17-20  (Waiting?)(100.00 on march1 2021)100 3/18/21
Gave them a 600.00 credit. Their dog Gambit died 2/21
Herbert Daniels (600) paypal 8-22-20
JenWood 8-26-20 bought an anitolian waiting 2017

Breeanna Dail CA 600 9-21-20
Abby Flutty 600.00 messenger 10-15-20
Tina Fort 600.00 cash 10-20-20
Patricia and Roderick Mariano Paypal 10/29/2020
Jon Butterfield 600.00 11-2-20
Mindi and Teddy Burford Paypal 11/4/2020 (Two Deposits)
1,000.00(May 2021) (4-4-21 pd 800.00)=1800.00

Rich and Chris Alfano 11/12/20 (Both Lists)

Nikki Jones 11-17-20 (600.00) pay pal (Jen?) (getting Sela?)

Michael Phillips 11/18/2020 (waiting) Ambassador pup
BalooBear 11-20-20 (300.00) Waiting on side
Stacey Strock Bronsky  11-20-20 (600.00) jen 2nd pup
bought Mega Maid out of Sela 2019
John Monkres (600) PayPal 11/29/2020
Suzanne Vosburg 12-7-2020 (582.30) Paypal
Brian Fields 1/8/2021 (600) PayPal (Adopting Merida, Deposit Held for Future Date)
Michael Kurtz and Jacklynn Taylor (600) paypal 12-25-20
contacted me 2-8-2021
James Bistis (600) paypal 12-27-20
silver wolf gray female pup
Jacque and Latief Burton (600.00) paypal 12-28-20

Jess Sherie  (600)paypal 12-30-20


Dave Aguirre 01/02/2021 (Female) Allie (Razar/Kodiak)

Coleen Nillson 1/5/2021 (mobility dog?)600
William Matousek 01/08/2021
Allison Wolfson 1/14/2021 (Paypal)600 (Female)
Maura Fry 1-29-21 600.00 paypal
Maddy Larson 600.00 paypal FOX 2-5-21
Colter Cederlof (600) paypal 2-8-21

Kayla Exum  (from jens list)
StormyBryce 600.00 ck 2-18-21
Roberto Venegas (600) 2-24-21
Alisha Kottwitz (600) facebook messenger 3-7-21
Kendall W: 03-13-2021 (600) Jen
Yvonne L Dobre (600) 4-5-21
Julie Lynn Nakao 4-10-2021 (600)(19.00 ebook)
Steve/shanna/calvo 600.00 ck 5-1-2021
Abigail K: 05-12-2021
Benjamin Davidowitz 05-13-2021 Paypal 600.00
Bradley Beeham: 05-17-21paypal 600.00
Shanna and Steve Calvo 600.00 Check May 17, 2021

Congrats! you made it here!

If your name is in bold black letters, you are up to pick your pup.
Call or email or message me on face book to choose your pup.
No need to contact me if you do NOT want a pup.

Next: friend me on face book please cause I may call your name




Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind

Your $600.00 deposit is your guarantee that I will not place the puppy of your choice with someone else, only if you choose a pup before the pup is 6 wks old.
(Please note that Lois will and does often make suggestions based on what YOU state that you want and need. If she feels or we feel that a puppy you choose will not work well with your family, or within your needs, know that we will reach out and speak with you about this.)

The deposit is a down payment on the puppy and this 600.00 will be subtracted from the total cost of your pup.

You will be kept up to date with the puppy you have put the deposit on via FACEBOOK and Jennifer Stoeckl or Amey Gage or me, Lois Schwarz.

You will be notified as to the date your puppy is ready to come to its new home. At this time the balance of the puppy and all shipping costs must be paid in full.

How to make a deposit or payment:
1. Walmart money gram
2. Direct deposit
3. PayPal 'family' no fee.

Most folks just mail a check or money order to:
Lois Schwarz 4175 Winnetka Rd. White City, Or. 97503


If we are meeting you in person to pick up the puppy, the final payment needs to be in cash if you have not yet paid it.

If you are not able to pick up your puppy at 8 wks old (or pay for the balance or shipping) the puppy goes back up for sale.

If you have signed a contract to buy a pup and have not paid, nor contacted me, THE PUP GOES BACK UP FOR SALE at 9 wks old.

If you pay for the puppy (and shipping if required) in full but are not able to pick it up at the due date we do charge boarding fees. If you do not pay the boarding fees, the puppy goes back up for sale !


Boarding fees:


If you are not able to pick up your puppy that you have put a deposit on, when he/she is eight weeks old (give or take a couple days), you will be charged $12.00 a day for boarding fees, unless your puppy is not able to travel due to size or some other unforeseen reason.
The boarding fees will need to be paid before you receive the puppy.

Remember, if you are not able to pick up your puppy and pay the balance in full, you will lose your non-refundable deposit and the
puppy goes back up for sale.




Our puppies are eating Red Flannel Puppy (Not available everywhere), Purina ONE Chicken and Rice (Large breed puppy); IAMS puppy; Puppy Chow, Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy (Chicken or Lamb), Exclusive Puppy and a sample of it will accompany your puppy!


Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs

Books by Lois E. Schwarz