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Yukon's Mt. "Denali" Von Anna

Yukon's Mt.
Von Anna

# YA#####-#   (F-2)     Male


  • Conformation: 10
  • weight: 120
  • Temperament: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Trainability: 10
  • Prey Drive: 10
  • Scores as of: 11-22-19
  • SIBLINGS: kasie, sport, tag, watson, kwanlin, kip, lucy, tudor


Birth Notes: MALE
Silver wolf sable b/tn at birth. white blaze no/w/tip Girth head. tan cheeks. pink nose turned black dotted, then all black. guenea pig looking. One sock. Silver shoulder blades. Some gold on head. Blue collar. Pick of the litter male.

Left front leg up to armpit/white.  Med coat.

11-22-19: This is a soft male. Easy going, not dominate, not submissive either. A good middle of the road. Liking everyone for the most part. Loving family, kids and other animals in the clan. Curious as a pup should be. This is an AA. He is bold enough, yet a tad bit standoffish.

He can be molded very easily into any direction you want. He can be started young at training as he is a thinker if you allow him to use his brain. He will figure things out pretty quickly.

Even though he is not the largest pup, he is a stallion of a male in looks and will be impressive to all that see him. He is a beautiful Dark silver male at this time.

  He is dedicated to his owner and his family. He will easily choose one and velcro to that person though he loves the entire family. He will not be destructive unless you allow him to be. If you allow this pup to do for himself, he will slip out of his specialness and become a dog. Teach him, show him, he will learn fast and this is the problem.. He can learn the bad stuff just as fast as the good. Cage train him and give him routine in life. lap therapy he will enjoy so very much. He can become velcro to you if you show him that special connection. Spend time with him and show him how to be what it is you want him to be.

12-15-19: At this point in time, i have lost Denali as he has been changing colors and his brothers have been out front and in my face. Denali was the last out of the den also.

1-13-20:  All collars got too small for the pups necks and were replaced. I put a turqoius collar on this guy and J dog got a dark blue collar so i got them confused. I then could not figure out who had the turq collar on. I want to appologize to everyone for this tragic mix up in pups.. This is one litter i will NEVER forget !
Notes are the same as the pups were the right pups when the notes were written.
Denali went on a trip around the UNITED STATES with Jay Stoeckl because of the mix up in pups... He is now a world traveler lol...  Jay has been taking great care of him and teaching him to ride in the car and to walk on a leash. Denali is still the pick of the litter, large, thick and heavy in size. He is gaining much weight and eating well.

Denali is the pup scratching his new turq collar



Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) - 10 (high Good)

our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.



   Intelligence (process of thought) 8
   Pitch of/Vocal sounds  
   Barking 10
   Whining and talking back  
   Prey drive  
   Chewing 8
   Swallowing stuff 10
   Dominance/aggression towards humans 9
   Challenging owner/trainer 8
   Child friendly 10
   Dominance/aggression towards other dogs 8
   Dominance/aggression towards smaller animals 9
   Soft/hard bite (mouth) 10
   Touch sensitivity 10
   Emotional sensitivity 10
   Sound sensitivity 10
   Ease of training for the average person 8
   Velcro (not wanting to wander) 8
   Genetic hyperness or Energy level (pacing the fence line) 9
   Investigative or inquisitive (independence) 8
   Stubborness (doing what it wants instead of what you want) 8
   Eating of feces 10
   Sanitational pooping in the designated spot 10
   Sloppy drinking 10
   Age of life 10
   Heath issues 10
   Retrieving or carrying objects 8
   Digging 8
   Conformation 10
   girth 9
   Eyes 9
   Ears 10
   Nose 10
   Girth of Skull 10
   Length of Tail 10
   Feet 8
   Neck 9
   Topline 10
   Gait 10


Pedigree Chart

Yukon Boss Hammer
G/Malamute/Sammy G Mal
G Mal

For an more indepth look at the pedigree, see the pedigree database

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