"The Dire Wolf Project"

The Dire Wolf Project(TM) is the breeding of a large Companion Dog with the exact bone structure of the Dire wolf (Canis Dirus), an extinct wolf of the Pleistocene era.

    No one knows what a dire wolf looks like, but Lois Schwarz has been breeding animals of all kinds for over 50 years and understands 'Gods Breeding Plan' (TM).

    In the wild, animals must survive by hiding, blending into the environment and being keenly aware of everything. Knowing this and putting her experiences and education together in her mind, Lois has come up with what the dire wolf must have looked lik. Put that together with the exact bone measurements of the fossils in the La Brea Tar Pits and you have a pretty close resemblance to the extinct DIRE WOLF !

dire wolf  image to paint.jpg
buck amey.jpg

 Because wild animals can not fit into our lifestyle here in America Lois has bred only loving, kind, and mild temperament dogs. Temperament is the first and most important genetic quality to be selected in any puppies she keeps for breeding. After 30 years of this kind of selecting, Lois begets litter after litter of the first large breed companion dogs that have a very low prey drive with a high degree tolerance of pain. With out crossing every now and then, Lois has driven down the physical and mental disabilities found in all our pure bred dogs today.

"There is NO wolf blood in our dogs
as I would NEVER breed a wolf into any Companion dog".

"The Wolf is not a domesticated animal, it is a wild animal. Dogs are domesticated and no one should breed domesticated animals with wild animals, it defeats the purpose of being domesticated."

  The Dire Wolf Project was started in 1988 in order to bring back the look of the large prehistoric Dire Wolf in a domesticated dog breed. The National American Alsatian Breeder's Club governs the project and standardizes breeding practices for this unique large companion dog. Health and temperament remain the highest priority over the look of the Dire Wolf, so this project is slow and methodical. Join us on a historical journey of Dire Wolf memories and watch as we domesticate history one generation at a time.

The Dire Wolf Project is dedicated to
the creation of the exact bone structure
of the Dire Wolf
in a loving companion dog.


Email: Schwarzdogs@aol.com
4283 Winnetka Rd
White City, Or. 97503

Schwarz dogs are NOT working dogs